Abandonware DOS title
Friday, 28th April 2023

Classic game spotlight: Laser Squad


Laser Squad is an abandoned turn-based strategy/tactical game designed by Julian Gollop (the mind behind the X-COM series). Laser Squad was developed by Target Games Limited and released by MicroLeague Multimedia in 1992 for DOS and other 8-bit systems. Laser Squad is considered as a precursor of X-COM: Ufo Defense.

System: DOS
Year: 1992
Designers: Julian Gollop
Multiplayer modes: single-player, PvP (player VS player)hotseat
Laser Squad review excerpt
"I think half the attraction of the game is the suspense element and the intellectual ego-massage you can give yourself when you do finally defeat the computer (who plays a mean game). Laser Squad has that elusive blend of excitement, challenge and addictiveness all mashed into one. Definitely on the short list for all time classics and deifinitely the best strategy game you'll find in the shops today" - Zero Magazine (1989)

Collector's info
The original Target Games 8-bit release came with the first three missions with an expansion pack offered via mail order for the next two. The subsequent Blade Software 8-bit release included these as standard; the mail order expansion pack now offered was for missions six and seven instead. Both offers covered cassette and floppy disk versions.

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