Abandonware DOS title
Saturday, 19th October 2019

Lesser known old school RPGs for DOS


Ultima, Wizardry, Fallout, Might & Magic are among the most popular old school RPGs that every RPG fan played or know something about. However, lots of RPGs published in the distant past never reached a wide popularity. Some the RPGs uploaded today on Abandonware DOS are not exactly well known, some of them have been completely forgotten.

Moraff's Dungeon of the Unforgiven

Moraff's Dungeon of the Unforgiven deserves the prize for the most psychedelic CRPG ever created. Don't play this game while drunk or on drugs: the results could be catastrophic.

Legends of Murder: Volume 1 - Stonedale Castle

Quite a peculiar game. You move around a castle looking for adventure. The text description of the room you're in takes about half the screen. The map is so tiny that you can actually count the pixel representing your character.

Cosmic Soldier: Psychic War

If you think the interface of Moraff's World is confusing, you never played Cosimic Soldier. The developers clearly wanted you to see the gorgeous anime-style girl that takes a large part of the screen. The actual game is played at the bottom of the screen.

Escape From Hell

The setting of Escape From Hell is unique: hell. You will meet interesting people like Mozart or Stalin, enjoy a warm weather and the occasional RPG friendly fight. Escape from Hell uses the Wasteland engine.


Daemonsgate was one of the first CRPGs for home computers to take advantage of the capacity of the CD... in a bad way. No fancy graphics, no full motion videos: just a huge, dull world to explore and no interesting gameplay features.