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Saturday, 1st July 2023

CODiE Awards 1994: Myst, SimCity 2000, IndyCar Racing

1994 was the year of Myst. To me, the huge success of Myst was a mystery. Myst was an ok game, different from many other titles, but I didn't see it as a groundbreaking innovative product. I know that many of you will frown reading this, but it really didn't made an impression on me.

Being a simulation guy, I loved SimCity 2000 a lot and SimFarm a lot less. I also remember playing IndyCar Racing and enjoying it tremendously, which is a huge compliment since I'm not much into racing games.

All in all, 1994 was a very good year for PC gaming. Here's a complete list of the CODiE Awards for 1994:

  • 1994
  • IndyCar Racing Best Sports Program
  • Iron Helix Best Strategy Program
  • Lemmings 2: The Tribes Best Action/Arcade Program
  • Myst Best Consumer Program
  • Myst Best Fantasy Role Playing/Adventure Program
  • Myst Best User Interface In A New Program
  • SimCity 2000 Best Simulation Program
  • SimFarm Best Secondary Education Program