Abandonware DOS title
Tuesday, 10th September 2019

Strategy games: Battle Bugs, Beyond Columns, Roadwar Europa and more


Lately I'm taking some time to update the info of some of the less popular games on Abandonware DOS. Here's a few:

Beyond Columns

Falling block puzzle - Released in 1989 for DOS.
This blatant Columns clone is not much in terms of graphics, but it fills an empty spot in the puzzle game genre for DOS. Enjoyable.

Knights of the Desert

Wargame - Developed by Tactical Design Group - Published by SSI in 1983 for DOS.
A classic strategy wargame set during War World 2, in Northern Africa. They don't do this kind of games anymore. Well, some do but with better graphics and better gameplay. Unreplayable.

Mech Brigade

Wargame - Developed by SSI - Published by SSI in 1987 for DOS.
One of the many wargames designed by Gary Grigsby. The setting is quite original: a war between NATO forces and the Soviet Union. The "Mech" in the title doesn't refer to giant robots.

Insider Trader

Business Simulation - Developed by Cosmi Corporation - Published by Cosmi Corporation in 1987 for DOS.
A stock trading simulation completely text-based. If you like buying and selling shares this game is for you.

Super Solvers: Spellbound!

Puzzle game - Developed by The Learning Company - Published by The Learning Company in 1991 for DOS.
Part of the Super Solver series of educational puzzle games, Spellbound! is aimed at kids and contains lots of word games of any kind.

Dracula in London

Strategy / adventure - Developed by SDJ Enterprises - Published by SDJ Enterprises in 1988 for DOS.
Dracula in London is a strange blend of strategy and adventure. It's a labor of love, still enjoyable. There's also a Windows 3.1 version.

Red sky at morning

Turn-based strategy developed by Simulations Canada - Published by Simulations Canada in 1993 for DOS.
Reading about Red Sky at Morning setting reminded me of Tom Clancy books: world wide war between the US and the USSR, nuclear weapons, etc. The text-based interface hinders the gameplay, but it's an overall interesting game.

Theatre of War

Chess-like strategy developed by Artech Studios - Published by Three-Sixty Pacific in 1992 for DOS.
Theatre of War is a strange mix between a chess game (with an original set of rules) and a strategy turn-based game played on a really weird board. It's a board game with 90s graphics.

Roadwar Europa

Turn-based strategy / RPG developed and published by SSI in 1987 for DOS.
Roadwar Europa is the sequel of the SSI post-apocalyptic Roadwar 2000. The setting reminds me of Mad Max, but the premise is entirely original. I'm a proud owner of the original big box for Atari ST.

Battle Bugs

RTS developed by Epyx and published by Sierra On-Line in 1994 for DOS.
Battle Bugs is an underrated real-time strategy with a very quirky setting. Instead of tanks, mechs or knights and pikemen, your army is entirely composed of... bugs. I want a remake!