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Saturday, 29th February 2020

CODiE Awards 1996: Dark Forces, Ascendancy, IndyCar Racing 2


In 1996 quite a few things happened. Charles and Diana got divorced, France finally stops nuclear tests in the Pacific, Nintendo releases the Nintendo 64 and the mad cow disease hits Britain. Deep Blue defeats chess champion Kasparov, Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 3 and Windows NT 4.

The 1996 CODiE awards go to an almost forgotten 4x (Ascendancy), a Star Wars FPS (Dark Forces), IndiCar Racing 2, etc:

  • 1996
  • Ascendancy Best Strategy Software
  • Dark Forces Best Action/Arcade Software
  • IndyCar Racing II Best Simulation Software Program
  • IndyCar Racing II Best Sports Software
  • Lost Mind of Dr. Brain Best Home Learning Program for Adolescents
  • Oregon Trail II Best Adventure/Role Playing Software