Abandonware DOS title
Saturday, 20th June 2020

Play classic action games online

Action games are perhaps the best to be played online in quick sessions. No waiting turns, no strategic planning, just quick reflexes and plain fun. These are just some of the action games available on Abandonware DOS to download or to play directly in your browser.

Castlevania was such a classic that gave half the name to Metroidvania games (Metroid + Castlevania). Surprisingly, the DOS version is quite enjoyable, considering the platform games that were available at the time.


One of my favourite arcade games of the late eighties. Take the role of a huge monster and literally rampage through cities (fixed screens with only a few buildings...) destroying skyscrapers, eating people and punching helicopters.

World Karate Championship

I used to play this on my old Commodore C64. I was called International Karate+ if I remember correctly. It's perhaps the ancestor of modern VS fighting games like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter.

Here's another classic. Based on the popular (and very old) Breakout by Atari, Arkanoid is more than a clone. It's a new way to play the "brick breaking" genre that spawned quite a few sequels and even more clones.

The original Spacewar! arcade was one of the first video games in history (before Pong!). This is merely a clone, but it retains part of the charm of the original.