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Saturday, 4th July 2020

CODiE Awards 1999: Starcraft, Unreal, Lego Loco

In 1999 we surpassed 6 billion inhabitants in the whole world. In Europe, the new currency - called EURO - replaces national currencies. In the USA, Napster is released, and if you don't remember it, go looking for it on wikipedia! Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 5 (five!).

Movies released in 1999: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, The Sixth Sense, American Pie, American Beauty, The Matrix.

The 1999 CODiE awards went to one of the best real-time strategy games ever released, Starcraft and a few other games, some of them well known (Links, Unreal):

  • 1999
  • Adams Starship Titanic Best New Adventure/Role-Playing Software Game
  • LEGO Loco Best New Strategy and Simulation Software Game
  • Links LS 1999 Edition Best New Sports Software Game
  • Starcraft Best New Multi-Player Online Game
  • Unreal Best New Arcade/Action Software Game