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Saturday, 2nd March 2024

Duke Nukem 3D: the Duke is back

I have to admit something to you all. I liked Duke Nukem 3D more than Doom. There, I said it. I know some of your consider this an heresy, but that's the truth. Doom was a wonderful game, but Duke Nukem 3D had a strange appeal on me. I wasn't the only one to be fascinated by this awesome first-person shooter. Here's a couple of excerpt from two video games magazine of the 90s.

"It's the ultimate game for unleashing all your pent-up aggression. It is the most astonishing game we've laid our eyes on for ages! In fact, it makes pretty much every PC game we've ever seen - "Doom" included - like slightly dull. Honestly!"
- PC Gamer review -

"Duke Nukem is not really revolutionary, but it is very good game. The well known (by now) first-person format lends itself well to Duke, and the game sucks you right in. Even more fun are networked games where you get to blow away your friends. The thing that bothers me most about this game is the inevitable 'Duke Nukem Movie'. All this publicity is bound to become more personally irritating to me than anything since 'The Dukes of Hazzard'."
- Game Revolution review -

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