Abandonware DOS title
Saturday, 5th March 2022

Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire - Adventure and RPG mixed


Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire is a the second chapter in the Quest for Glory series. Trial by Fire is an adventure game with RPG elements (at the very start the player must choose a class from the three available: fighter, wizard, thief) set in a fantasy setting inspired by Middle East lore. It was developed ad released by Sierra On-Line for Amiga and for DOS in 1990.

More info about Quest for Glory 2:

  • Genres: adventure, point and click adventure
  • System: DOS
  • Released in: 1990
  • Publisher: Sierra On-Line
  • Developer: Sierra On-Line
  • Designers: Lori Ann Cole, Corey Cole
  • Themes: fantasy
  • Keywords: Middle East, Engine: SCI, class-based
  • Multiplayer modes: single-player
  • Input: keyboard, mouse, joystick
  • Distributed on: 3,5 floppy disk

QFG II is the only game in the series to not have originated or have been remade beyond the EGA graphics engine by Sierra On-Line. However, AGD Interactive released a VGA remake of the game using the Adventure Game Studio engine on August 24, 2008.

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