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Saturday, 8th June 2024

1001 Video games you must play... abandonware version

1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die is a book that compiles a list of notable video games from various platforms, genres, and time periods that are considered significant in the history and development of the medium. The book is part of the "1001 Before You Die" series, which covers a range of topics, including books, movies, and more.

The video game edition, edited by Tony Mott, was first published in 2010 and has since been updated to reflect developments in the gaming industry. The book provides a chronological list of video games, ranging from classic titles to contemporary releases, and it includes games from a variety of platforms, including arcade, console, and PC.

The list of the 1001 games you must play on Abandonware DOS is not complete.

Also, you can read about the book on Wikipedia.

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