Abandonware DOS title

Donations: why Abandonware DOS needs support

Abandonware DOS is a free service, born from my passion for old PC games for DOS and old versions of Windows. I keep working on Abandonware DOS on a weekly basis adding games, features, etc. However, there are costs to sustain. If you wish to help, well, you can donate a few bucks using PayPal.

I spend money to:

  • pay for hosting costs: Abandonware DOS uses two distinct hosting services: one hosts the site and the other hosts games and applications
  • pay third party services: SEO web apps, tools for web design and development, etc.
A big THANK YOU to everyone who donated so far (a lot of people)!

What I'm working on

The time I've got is not much, that's why I try to focus on important activities such as adding more content and making Abandonware DOS more user-friendly. This is just an example of how I organize my work.


  • adding files like manuals, walkthroughs, maps
  • adding review excerpts from old video games magazines
  • adding more games for DOS, Windows, Mac
  • re-check already uploaded games
  • implementing tricks to speed up the whole site


  • adding bigger files to download: ISO images, etc.
  • add popular soundtracks (play online, download MP3, etc.)
  • implement a better search system


  • changed provider for hosting games
  • migrated the whole site to PHP 7.4
  • a most played online chart
  • overhaul of the company sections: developers, publishers, designers
  • and more...