Abandonware DOS title

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Golden Axe is a classic arcade game developed by Sega and released in 1989. It's a side-scrolling beat 'em up game set in a fantasy world where players choose one of three characters: a barbarian, a dwarf, or an amazon, each with their own strengths and abilities.
The game follows the quest of these heroes to rescue the King and Princess of Yuria from the evil Death Adder, who has captured them and taken the legendary Golden Axe. Players battle through hordes of enemies, including skeletons, knights, and other mythical creatures, using melee attacks, magic spells, and riding on the backs of fire-breathing dragons to defeat their foes.

How to play Golden Axe

To slow down the game emulation press CTRL+F11, to speed up the game press CTRL+F12. Press Escape (ESC) to exit fullscreen mode.
Input: keyboard, joystick
Game modes: single-player, co-op

At the password check just enter anything and press enter.

Golden Axe runs in your browser thanks to the Emularity library.

More about Golden Axe

Status: abandonware

Genre: action

Released in: 1991

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Sega

Download Golden Axe and play it on your computer. An emulator is needed in order to play older games.