Abandonware DOS title

Game company profile: Mastertronic

Games published and developed by Mastertronic

year game genre system
Five-a-side Indoor Soccer 1986 Five-a-side Indoor Soccer sports DOS
Demon's Forge 1987 Demon's Forge adventure DOS
Storm 1987 Storm shooter DOS
Video Casino 1987 Video Casino strategy DOS
Knight Games 1988 Knight Games sports DOS
Risk: the World Conquest Game 1989 Risk: the World Conquest Game strategy DOS
Conflict 1990 Conflict simulation DOS
Shogun 1986 Shogun action-adventure DOS
Kobayashi Naru 1987 Kobayashi Naru adventure DOS
Feud 1988 Feud action-adventure DOS
Vectorball 1988 Vectorball sports DOS
Artura 1989 Artura action DOS
Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior 1989 Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior action DOS
Magic Johnson's Basketball 1989 Magic Johnson's Basketball sports DOS
Supremacy: Your Will Be Done 1990 Supremacy: Your Will Be Done strategy DOS