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Game company profile: Bitmap Brothers

The Bitmap Brothers were a British video game development studio that gained prominence during the late 1980s and 1990s for their innovative and visually striking games. The company was founded in 1987 by three individuals: Mike Montgomery, Eric Matthews, and Steve Kelly. They chose the name "Bitmap Brothers" to reflect the pixel-based graphics used in video games at the time. The Bitmap Brothers were known for their distinctive style and focus on creating games with a combination of strong visual aesthetics and gameplay.
The Bitmap Brothers were known for pushing the technical limits of the hardware available at the time, resulting in games that were visually impressive and often ahead of their time. They also incorporated electronic and techno music into their games, further enhancing the gaming experience.
Based in:
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Founded by:
Mike Montgomery, Eric Matthews, Steve Kelly
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Closed in:
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Bitmap Brothers

Games by Bitmap Brothers

A chronological list of games published or developed by Bitmap Brothers from 1988 to 2000 on Abandonware DOS for DOS, Windows, Linux or Mac.
  • speedball
    1988DOSsports unconventional sports
  • xenon
    1988DOSshooter shoot 'em up

    Xenon, released in 1988, was a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up video game developed by The Bitmap Brothers. Xenon was initially released for the Commodore 64, and later, it was ported to other platforms, including DOS, the ZX Spectrum and Amiga.In Xenon, players control a futuristic tank-like craft and navigate through levels filled with enemy vehicles and obstacles. The gameplay involves shooting enemies, avoiding enemy fire, and collecting power-ups to enhance the player's abilities.

  • cadaver
    1990DOSaction-adventure isometric action-adventure
  • xenon-2-megablast
    1990DOSshooter shoot 'em up

    Xenon 2: Megablast is a classic shoot'em up developed by Bitmap Brothers and released by Image Works in 1990 for DOS and for a plethora of other systems. Xenon was good, Xenon 2 was far better. Compared to today standards Xenon 2 is perhaps a mediocre shoot 'em up, but at the time every shooter fan loved it. Plus, it was developed by Bitmap Brothers (you can recognize the Bitmap Brothers graphics style just looking at the screenshots).

  • cadaver-the-payoff
    1991DOSaction-adventure isometric action-adventure
  • gods
    1991DOSaction platform

    Gods is a video game developed by The Bitmap Brothers and initially released in 1991. It is a platformer that combines action and puzzle-solving elements. The game was originally released for various platforms, including the Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, and MS-DOS.In Gods, players control a hero navigating through a series of levels filled with enemies, traps, and puzzles. The story revolves around the player character, who is a mortal chosen by the gods to rescue their kidnapped brethren from the fortress of the evil god, Set.

  • magic-pockets
    1992DOSaction platform
  • speedball-2
    1992DOSsports unconventional sports
  • the-chaos-engine
    1994DOSshooterprotected run and gun
  • z
    1996DOSstrategyprotected real-time strategy
  • xenon-2000-project-pcf
    2000Windows XP/98/95shooter shoot 'em up

    Xenon 2000: Project PCF is a vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up video game and originally released in 2000. It is a sequel to the earlier game "Xenon 2: Megablast," which was developed by The Bitmap Brothers and released in 1989.In Xenon 2000, players control a spaceship and engage in fast-paced shooting action as they face off against waves of enemy spacecraft and other obstacles. The game is known for its retro-style graphics and gameplay, reminiscent of classic shoot 'em up games from the 1980s and early 1990s.