Abandonware DOS title

Game company profile: Microsoft

Games published and developed by Microsoft

year game genre system
Donkey BAS 1981 Donkey BAS racing DOS
Microsoft Decathlon 1982 Microsoft Decathlon sports DOS
GW-BASIC 3 1988 GW-BASIC 3 application DOS
QBASIC 1991 QBASIC application DOS
QBasic Gorillas 1991 QBasic Gorillas strategy DOS
Rodent's Revenge 1991 Rodent's Revenge puzzle Windows 3.x
Minesweeper 1992 Minesweeper puzzle Windows 3.x
Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0 1988 Microsoft Flight Simulator 3.0 vehicle simulation DOS
Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0 1989 Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0 vehicle simulation DOS, Mac
Tetris 2.0 1990 Tetris 2.0 puzzle Windows XP/98/95
Microsoft Space Simulator 1994 Microsoft Space Simulator vehicle simulation DOS
Monster Truck Madness 1996 Monster Truck Madness racing Windows XP/98/95
Age of Empires 1997 Age of Empires strategy Windows XP/98/95
Dilbert's Desktop Games 1997 Dilbert's Desktop Games action Windows XP/98/95
Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings 1999 Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings strategy Windows XP/98/95
Midtown Madness 1999 Midtown Madness racing Windows XP/98/95
Zoo Tycoon 2001 Zoo Tycoon simulation Windows XP/98/95