Abandonware DOS title

Game company profile: Microids

Games published and developed by Microids

year game genre system
Superbike Challenge 1987 Superbike Challenge racing DOS
Chicago 90 1989 Chicago 90 racing DOS
Highway Patrol 2 1990 Highway Patrol 2 racing DOS
Eagle's Rider 1991 Eagle's Rider shooter DOS
Grand Prix 500 2 1991 Grand Prix 500 2 racing DOS
Dominium 1992 Dominium strategy DOS
Nicky Boom 1992 Nicky Boom action DOS
Ultimate Domain 1994 Ultimate Domain strategy DOS
Syberia 2002 Syberia adventure Windows XP/98/95
Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy 1999 Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy adventure Windows XP/98/95, Mac