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Games by id software

A chronological list of games published or developed by id software from 1990 to 1996 on Abandonware DOS for DOS, Windows, Linux or Mac.
  • commander-keen-1-marooned-on-mars
  • commander-keen-2-the-earth-explodes
  • commander-keen-3-keen-must-die
  • commander-keen-4-secret-of-the-oracle
  • commander-keen-5-the-armageddon-machine

    Commander Keen 5: The Armageddon Machine is a science fiction action oriented platform game designed by Tom Hall, developed by id Software and released by Apogee Software in 1991 for DOS only. Commander Keen 5: The Armageddon Machine is part of the Commander Keen game series, specifically it's the second episode of Commander Keen in Goodbye, Galaxy.

  • commander-keen-6-aliens-ate-my-baby-sitter
  • dangerous-dave-in-the-haunted-mansion
  • rescue-rover-2
  • rescue-rover
  • commander-keen-keen-dreams
  • spear-of-destiny
  • wolfenstein-3d

    Wolfenstein 3D is the first-person shooter that popularized the whole genre in the early 90s and is considered one of the greatest games ever made. Wolfenstein 3D was designed by John Romero and Tom Hall (id Software) and released as shareware by Apogee Software in 1992 for DOS. Wolfenstein 3D is based on the Wolf3D engine, programmed by John Carmack.

  • doom
  • doom-2-hell-on-earth
    1994DOSWindows XP/98/95shooterprotected

    Doom 2 is the sequel to the much acclaimed FPS Doom. Doom 2: Hell on Earth is a horror sci-fi first-person shooter created by id Software, (John Carmack, Sandy Petersen, John Romero) set on a hellish Earth invaded by demons. The player must find his way in 32 levels, shooting down monsters and picking up keys in order to unlock new areas.

  • heretic
  • hexen-beyond-heretic
  • ultimate-doom
  • quake
    1996DOSWindows XP/98/95shooterprotected

    Quake is a real-time 3D FPS developed by idSoftware and a spiritual successor to the popular Doom series. Quake became very popular and spawned many sequels and fan made mods such as Team Fortress.