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Game company profile: Origin Systems

Origin Systems was a prominent American video game developer and publisher known for its pioneering role-playing games (RPGs) and its impact on the gaming industry. The company was founded in 1983 by Richard "Lord British" Garriott and his brother, Robert Garriott. Origin Systems was headquartered in Austin, Texas, and played a significant role in shaping the RPG genre and the concept of immersive, open-world gaming.
Origin Systems was at the forefront of creating immersive game worlds. The "Ultima" series, in particular, was known for its open-world design, where players could explore a vast, interconnected realm, interact with NPCs, and make moral decisions that affected the game's outcome. This approach to game design influenced later RPGs and open-world games.
In 1992, Electronic Arts (EA) acquired Origin Systems, making it a subsidiary of the larger game publisher. While some successful games continued to be released under the Origin Systems label, the studio's direction began to shift under EA's ownership. Unfortunately, Origin Systems was gradually phased out by Electronic Arts in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The closure of the studio marked the end of an era in the history of RPG and immersive game development. 
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Games by Origin Systems

A chronological list of games published or developed by Origin Systems from 1983 to 1999 on Abandonware DOS for DOS, Windows, Linux or Mac.
  • ultima-2-revenge-of-the-enchantress
    1983DOSrpg top-down party-based RPG

    The second chapter of the Ultima saga is much similar to the first one (same top down visual, same dungeon 3d visual, same gameplay), although there are many small improvements. The series begins to take the shape of the detailed, deep, rpg saga that gamers will always remember.

  • autoduel
    1985DOSrpg board game, vehicular combat, action RPG

    Autoduel is an abandoned top-down open world post apocalyptic RPG/driving game hybrid designed by Chuck Bueche and Richard Garriott of Ultima fame. Autoduel was developed by Origin Systems and was released in 1985 for DOS, Atari 8-bit, Atari ST, C64, Apple II, Macintosh, Amiga. Autoduel is based on a board game designed by Steve Jackson himself.

  • ultima-3-exodus
    1985DOSrpg top-down party-based RPG
  • ultima-4-quest-of-the-avatar
    1985DOSrpgfreeware sandbox RPG, top-down party-based RPG

    Ultima IV is remembered as one of the best Ultima games ever released, designed as usual by Richard Garriott. Garriott took the Ultima series to a whole new level by introducing the eight virtues: honesty, compassion, valor, justice, sacrifice, honor, spirituality, humility. Ultima IV started the trilogy known as "Age of Enlightenment".

  • ogre
    1986DOSstrategy wargame, board game
  • moebius
    1987DOSrpg action RPG
  • ultima-1-the-first-age-of-darkness
    1987DOSrpg top-down party-based RPG

    This is the first of the very popular RPG saga Ultima. The setting is the land of Sosaria, the enemy to defeat is Mondain. It's a classic cRPG. The wilderness and cities are represented from a top down perspective, while dungeons can be explored in a first person 3d view.

  • 2400-a-d
  • ultima-5-warriors-of-destiny
    1988DOSrpg sandbox RPG, top-down party-based RPG
  • knights-of-legend
  • omega
    1989DOSstrategy real-time tactics
  • space-rogue
    1989DOSrpg space simulation, sandbox RPG

    Space Rogue is a science fiction RPG developed by Richard Garriott's Origin and desined by Paul Neurath. Space Rogue combines a 3D space simulation with a top down view RPG gameplay. As a space pilot you can hunt bounties, buy and sell goods, land on starbases or outposts and talk to NPCs, do quests, etc.

  • tangled-tales
  • times-of-lore
    1989DOSrpg action RPG

    Times of Lore is an abandoned action RPG designed by Chris Roberts, developed and released by Origin Systems in 1989 for DOS and many more 8 bit and 16 bit platforms. Compared to Ultima (the much more popular franchise also by Origin) Times of Lore is a washed down RPG, more similar to a NES game. In fact, Roberts was inspired by The Legend of Zelda.

  • windwalker-moebius-2
    1989DOSrpg action RPG
  • bad-blood
  • ultima-6-the-false-prophet
    1990DOSrpgprotected sandbox RPG, top-down party-based RPG
  • wing-commander
    1990DOSvehicle simulationfreeware space combat, space simulation

    Wing Commander 1 is a space combat simulator video game; the first game in the Wing Commander series. Wing Commander 1 was developed and published by Origin Systems in 1990. The game was created by Chris Roberts and became known for its innovative use of cinematic storytelling and cutting-edge graphics at the time.In Wing Commander, players take on the role of a pilot in the Terran Confederation's fight against the evil Kilrathi Empire. The game features a branching narrative, where the player's choices and performance in missions affect the course of the story, while the space combat is in a first-person perspective.

  • worlds-of-ultima-the-savage-empire
    1990DOSrpgfreeware top-down party-based RPG

    After the success of Ultima 6: The False Prophet, Origin decided to "create worlds" not part of the popular Ultima series (strictly speaking) using the same engine of Ultima 6. They came up with two games: The Savage Empire and Martian Dreams. The Savage Empire is set in a stone age-like world and features prehistoric tribes, dinosaurs, insectoid and reptilian species, and NPCs with familiar names to Ultima fans.

  • ultima-worlds-of-adventure-2-martian-dreams
    1991DOSrpg top-down party-based RPG

    Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams is an abandoned science fiction RPG designed by Jeff George, developed by Origin Systems and released in 1991 for DOS. Martian Dreams uses the Ultima VI engine to depict Mars in a top down perspective.

  • wing-commander-2-vengeance-of-the-kilrathi
    1991DOSvehicle simulationprotected space combat, space simulation
  • ultima-7-part-1-the-black-gate
    1992DOSrpg sandbox RPG, top-down party-based RPG

    Ultima VII: The Black Gate is a top-down RPG where you, the Avatar, have to find out what's happening in Britannia by solving quests, meeting interesting NPCs and fight hordes of headleass monsters. The land of Britannia is shaken by mysterious earthquakes, a new religion (the Fellowship) is spreading and is replacing the old virtues, and who is the Guardian? Ultima 7 takes another leap forward in the Ultima Series by upgrading both graphics and the interface. 

  • ultima-underworld-the-stygian-abyss
    1992DOSrpgprotected dungeon crawl, action RPG

    Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss is one of the first free-roaming first-person 3D ARPG (action RPG) ever created. The Stygian Abyss is the dungeon of the same name, part of the land of Britannia, and it's set in the Ultima universe created by Richard Garriott. Ultima Underworld was designed by Paul Neurath, developed by Blue Sky Productions and released by Origin Systems in 1992. It was followed by Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds.

  • shadowcaster
    1993DOSrpg action RPG

    ShadowCaster is a first-person action role-playing game (ARPG) developed by Raven Software and published by Origin Systems. It was released in 1993 for MS-DOS and later for other platforms such as Amiga and FM Towns.The storyline of ShadowCaster follows Kirt, who discovers that he has the ability to transform into various creature forms. As Kirt explores the world, he must use these different forms to navigate challenges, solve puzzles, and engage in combat. The ability to transform into creatures with unique abilities is a central aspect of the game.

  • strike-commander
    1993DOSvehicle simulationprotected flight simulation

    Strike Commander is combat flight simulation game created by Chris Roberts (the designer behind Wing Commander) and Jeff George. Strike Commander was developed by Origin Systems and released by Electronic Arts in 1993 for DOS.

  • ultima-7-part-2-serpent-isle
    1993DOSrpg sandbox RPG, top-down party-based RPG

    After the well received Ultima 7 The Black Gate, Origin decided that their Ultima engine could be used for one more game. Ultima 7 Part 2: Serpent Isle begins right after The Black Gate ends. This time the Avatar travels to a whole new land, far away from the usual Britannia. Serpent Isle brings its own charm to the series; exploring new lands is a welcome change after seven chapters spent walking around in the same Britannia landscape.

  • ultima-underworld-2-labyrinth-of-worlds
    1993DOSrpgprotected action RPG
  • wing-commander-academy
    1993DOSvehicle simulationprotected space combat, space simulation
  • wing-commander-privateer
    1993Windows XP/98/95DOSMacvehicle simulationprotected space exploration, space combat, space simulation
  • system-shock
    1994DOSaction-adventureprotected first-person shooter, action RPG, first-person action-adventure
  • ultima-8-pagan
    1994DOSrpgprotected action RPG
  • ultima-8-the-lost-vale
    1994DOSrpgcanceled action RPG
  • wing-commander-3
    1994Windows XP/98/95DOSMacvehicle simulationprotected space combat, space simulation
  • wing-commander-armada
    1994DOSvehicle simulationprotected space combat, space simulation

    Wing Commander: Armada is space combat simulation game developed by Origin Systems and released by Electronic Arts in 1994 for DOS. Wing Commander: Armada is part of the Wing Commander game series and was published before Wind Commander III. Armada is focused on multiplayer battles but it can be played in single player mode too. It features different game modes: Battles, Gauntlet, Armada, Campaign.

  • crusader-no-remorse

    Crusader is an action-oriented computer game. The player controls a super soldier that defects from the current world government and joins the Resistance. The world is shown in an isometric view.

  • crusader-no-regret
  • transland
    1996DOSshooter first-person shooter
  • ultima-9-ascension
    1999Windows XP/98/95rpgprotected sandbox RPG, action RPG