Abandonware DOS title

Game company profile: Avalon Hill

Games published and developed by Avalon Hill

year game genre system
B-1 Nuclear Bomber 1981 B-1 Nuclear Bomber vehicle simulation DOS
Computer Diplomacy 1984 Computer Diplomacy strategy DOS
Pro Manager 1985 Pro Manager sports DOS
Telengard 1985 Telengard rpg DOS
Dr. Ruth Computer Game of Good Sex 1986 Dr. Ruth Computer Game of Good Sex puzzle DOS
The Civil War 1987 The Civil War strategy DOS
Advanced Civilization 1995 Advanced Civilization strategy DOS
Galaxy 1981 Galaxy strategy DOS
Midway Campaign 1983 Midway Campaign strategy DOS
Gulf Strike 1986 Gulf Strike strategy DOS
5th Fleet 1994 5th Fleet strategy DOS
Cave Wars 1996 Cave Wars strategy DOS
Over the Reich 1996 Over the Reich strategy Windows XP/98/95, Windows 3.x