Abandonware DOS title

Game company profile: Software Toolworks

Games published and developed by Software Toolworks

year game genre system
Mychess 1984 Mychess strategy DOS
The Chessmaster 2000 1986 The Chessmaster 2000 strategy DOS
Life & Death 1988 Life & Death simulation DOS, Mac
Beyond the Black Hole 1989 Beyond the Black Hole action DOS
Fidelity Chessmaster 2100 1989 Fidelity Chessmaster 2100 strategy DOS
Life & Death 2: The Brain 1990 Life & Death 2: The Brain simulation DOS
D/Generation 1991 D/Generation action-adventure DOS
Star Wars Chess 1993 Star Wars Chess strategy DOS, Windows 3.x
The Four Crystals of Trazere 1992 The Four Crystals of Trazere rpg DOS
Evasive Action 1993 Evasive Action vehicle simulation DOS
Ultimate Domain 1994 Ultimate Domain strategy DOS