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Game company profile: Rainbow Arts

Games by Rainbow Arts

A chronological list of games published or developed by Rainbow Arts from 1987 to 1994 on Abandonware DOS for DOS, Windows, Linux or Mac.
  • the-great-giana-sisters
    1987DOSaction platform

    The Great Giana Sisters is a platform video game developed by Time Warp Productions and published by Rainbow Arts. It was originally released in 1987 for the Commodore 64 and other platforms, and later unofficially ported to MS-DOS.The game follows the adventures of two sisters, Giana and Maria, as they journey through a dream world filled with various platforming challenges and enemies. The primary objective of the game is to navigate through a series of levels, collecting diamonds and defeating enemies to progress.

  • volleyball-simulator
    1987DOSsports volleyball
  • mystery-of-the-mummy
    1988DOSadventure point and click adventure
  • berlin-1948
  • circus-attractions
    1989DOSsports unconventional sports
  • grand-monster-slam
    1989DOSsports unconventional sports
  • oil-imperium
    1989DOSsimulation business simulation
  • conqueror
    1990DOSvehicle simulation tank simulation
  • khalaan
    1990DOSstrategy kingdom simulation
  • legend-of-faerghail
    1990DOSrpg first-person party-based RPG
  • m-u-d-s-mean-ugly-dirty-sport
    1990DOSsports unconventional sports
  • logical
    1991DOSpuzzle falling blocks
  • mad-tv
    1991DOSsimulationfreeware business simulation
  • masterblazer
    1991DOSsports unconventional sports, racing: futuristic
  • lollypop
    1994DOSaction platform