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Game company profile: Data East

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Games published and developed by Data East

year game genre system
BurgerTime 1982 BurgerTime action DOS
Karnov 1987 Karnov action DOS
Bad Dudes VS Dragon Ninja 1988 Bad Dudes VS Dragon Ninja action DOS
Robocop 1989 Robocop shooter DOS
Joe and Mac Cavemen Ninja 1991 Joe and Mac Cavemen Ninja action DOS
Tag Team Wrestling 1986 Tag Team Wrestling sports DOS
Guerrilla War 1987 Guerrilla War shooter DOS
Platoon 1987 Platoon shooter DOS
Batman: the Caped Crusader 1988 Batman: the Caped Crusader action-adventure DOS
Ikari Warriors 2: Victory Road 1988 Ikari Warriors 2: Victory Road shooter DOS
Super Hang-On 1988 Super Hang-On racing DOS, Mac
Monday Night Football 1989 Monday Night Football sports DOS
Batman: the Movie 1990 Batman: the Movie action DOS
Full Metal Planete 1990 Full Metal Planete strategy DOS, Mac
TV Sports Baseball 1991 TV Sports Baseball sports DOS