Abandonware DOS title

Game company profile: MicroLeague Multimedia

Fate: filed for bankruptcy and became Ablesoft.
Known for: sports simulations like MicroLeague Baseball, Laser Squad.

Based in:
U.S.A. U.S.A.
Established in:
Closed in:
MicroLeague Multimedia

Games published and developed by MicroLeague Multimedia

year game genre system
MicroLeague baseball 1984 MicroLeague baseball sports DOS
MicroLeague Baseball 2 1989 MicroLeague Baseball 2 sports DOS
MicroLeague Wrestling 1989 MicroLeague Wrestling sports DOS
Epic Baseball 1995 Epic Baseball sports DOS
Brix 1992 Brix puzzle DOS
Laser Squad 1992 Laser Squad strategy DOS
Alien Breed 1993 Alien Breed shooter DOS
Silverball 1993 Silverball action DOS