Abandonware DOS title

Game company profile: Spectrum Holobyte

Games published and developed by Spectrum Holobyte

year game genre system
GATO 1984 GATO vehicle simulation DOS
Orbiter 1986 Orbiter vehicle simulation DOS, Mac
Falcon 1987 Falcon vehicle simulation DOS
Tetris 1987 Tetris puzzle DOS
Crisis in the Kremlin 1991 Crisis in the Kremlin simulation DOS
Tetris Classic 1992 Tetris Classic puzzle DOS, Windows 3.x
Soko-Ban 1984 Soko-Ban puzzle DOS
Vette! 1989 Vette! racing DOS
Welltris 1989 Welltris puzzle DOS
Faces Tris 3 1990 Faces Tris 3 puzzle DOS
Flight of the Intruder 1990 Flight of the Intruder vehicle simulation DOS
Falcon 3.0 1991 Falcon 3.0 vehicle simulation DOS
Super Tetris 1991 Super Tetris puzzle DOS
Wordtris 1991 Wordtris puzzle DOS, Mac
Fields of Glory 1993 Fields of Glory strategy DOS
Tornado 1993 Tornado vehicle simulation DOS