Abandonware DOS title
download 2080 DOS and Windows abandonware games

Games published and developed by Coktel Vision

Based in: France France
Established in: 1985
Website: http://www.coktel.tm.fr/

game genre released developer? publisher?
20000 Leagues under the sea 20000 Leagues under the sea adventure 1988 yes yes
African Raiders-01 African Raiders-01 racing 1989 yes no
Asterix: Operation Getafix Asterix: Operation Getafix action-adventure 1989 yes yes
Emmanuelle Emmanuelle adventure 1989 yes no
Cougar Force Cougar Force action 1990 yes no
Geisha Geisha adventure 1990 yes no
Fascination Fascination adventure 1991 yes no
Bargon Attack Bargon Attack adventure 1992 yes yes
Gobliiins Gobliiins adventure 1992 yes no
Inca Inca action-adventure 1992 yes no
Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon adventure 1993 yes no
Lost in Time Lost in Time adventure 1993 yes yes
Ween: The Prophecy Ween: The Prophecy adventure 1993 yes no
Goblins 3 Goblins 3 adventure 1994 yes no
Inca 2: Wiracocha Inca 2: Wiracocha action-adventure 1994 yes no

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