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Cliff Johnson

Who is Cliff Johnson?

Cliff Johnson is a video game designer and puzzle creator known for his innovative and challenging puzzle games. He gained widespread recognition for his work on "The Fool's Errand", a puzzle adventure game released in 1987. "The Fool's Errand" was notable for its intricate puzzles, engaging storytelling, and unique gameplay mechanics.

Johnson's approach to puzzle design emphasizes creativity, logic, and lateral thinking, often requiring players to solve complex challenges by making connections between seemingly disparate elements. "The Fool's Errand" was praised for its originality and became a cult classic among puzzle enthusiasts.

In addition to "The Fool's Errand", Johnson has developed several other puzzle games, including "3 in Three" and "At the Carnival", each featuring his signature blend of challenging puzzles and engaging narratives.

Cliff Johnson
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game designer
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The Fool's Errand, 3 in Three
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Games by Cliff Johnson

This is a chronological list of games designed by Cliff Johnson from 1989 to 1990 on Abandonware DOS for DOS, Windows, Linux or Mac.

The Fool's Errand


At the Carnival