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Scott Adams

Scott Adams (born July 10, 1952) is the co-founder, with ex-wife Alexis, of Adventure International, an early publisher of games for home computers. Adams was the first person known to create an adventure-style game for personal computers, in 1978 on a 16KB Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I, written in the BASIC programming language.

Scott Adams
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game designer
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Adventureland, the Questprobe series
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Games designed by Scott Adams

year game genre system
Black Monday 1987 Black Monday simulation DOS
Questprobe featuring Human Torch and The Thing 1985 Questprobe featuring Human Torch and The Thing adventure DOS
Questprobe Featuring Spider-Man 1986 Questprobe Featuring Spider-Man adventure DOS
Questprobe featuring The Hulk 1984 Questprobe featuring The Hulk adventure DOS

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