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Scott Adams

Who is Scott Adams?

Scott Adams, the game designer, is recognized as one of the pioneers of the interactive fiction genre in video games. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Adams developed a series of text adventure games that were among the first of their kind for home computers.

His games, often referred to as the "Scott Adams Adventures", were characterized by their text-based interface, where players interacted with the game world by typing commands. These early adventures typically featured simple puzzles, exploration, and narrative elements.
Some of Scott Adams' notable games include titles like "Adventureland" (1978), "Pirate Adventure" (1979), and "Ghost Town" (1980). These games were initially released for platforms such as the TRS-80, Commodore PET, and later for the Apple II and other systems.

While the technology of the time limited the complexity of the games, Scott Adams' contributions laid the groundwork for the development of the interactive fiction genre. 

Scott Adams
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game designer
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Adventureland, the Questprobe series
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Games by Scott Adams

This is a chronological list of games designed by Scott Adams from 1984 to 1987 on Abandonware DOS for DOS, Windows, Linux or Mac.