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Dungeon Master big box

Edition / platform: for Commodore Amiga. Part of the Dungeon Master series.

Nancy Holder, wife of producer Wayne Holder, wrote the storyline in the manual (from a base scenario suggested by Michael Newton and the FTL team).

There exists a prototype for the Atari Lynx under the name Dungeon Slayers.

A soundtrack album, titled Dungeon Master: The Album, was released later. This album featured music composed by Darrell Harvey, Rex Baca, and Kip Martin. The original ST version and its faithful Amiga and PC ports contain no music. The album features music composed for the FM Towns game, as well as FM Towns version of Chaos Strikes Back, and some original tracks that were inspired by the games.

Dungeon Master dungeon-master-box.jpg
Dungeon Master Amiga box
Dungeon Master dungeon-master-contents.jpg
Dungeon Master box contents (minus the original disk)
Dungeon Master dungeon-master-manual.jpg
Dungeon Master manual
Dungeon Master dungeon-master-maps.jpg
Dungeon maps from an Italian video game magazine
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