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Dune II: The building of a dynasty

Dune II, released in 1992, is a pioneering real-time strategy game developed by Westwood Studios. Set in the world of Frank Herbert's Dune, players command noble houses in a battle for control over the planet Arrakis. With base-building, resource management, and tactical combat, the game introduced key elements of the genre and influenced future RTS titles such as Starcraft, Warcraft and Red Alert.
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Dune II: The building of a dynasty review

PC Powerplay (1996): "As the granddaddy of modern real time wargaming, we can see that eventually this game would have had to have happened eventually. It is remarkable that first iteration of this genre proved to be such a classic. Perversely enough, the computer Al poses more of a challenge in Dune 2 than it does in Command and Conquer, although we expect Westwood to remedy this in the much awaited Red Alert."


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Status: abandonware
Input: keyboard, mouse
Distributed on: 5,25 floppy disk, 3,5 floppy disk, cd-rom
Abandonware DOS views: 38394
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  • Duncan Idaho 06/07/2019 20:01
    The progenitor of all modern RTS games, and simply a classic.
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