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Adom v1.1

Adom v1.1 is an old fantasy top-down perspective rpg game released in 1996. Adom v1.1 is currently freeware and runs on Windows. It's available for download.

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Since 2012, after a 9 year hiatus, development has been resumed by Thomas Biskup on ADOM as well as its successor ADOM II.

Due to a crowdfunding campaign the latest versions are only available to those who participated, but version 1.2.0p23 has been made available for public download.

Death of player characters is meant to be permanent. The game exits after saving, effectively limiting savefiles to one per character, and the savefile is erased upon loading.

Development of ADOM started on July 12, 1994 and continued steadily since until November 20, 2002.

players: single player

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