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What does freeware mean?

A freeware game is a game available for free, with no payments necessary. While it may seem a little strange to someone accustomed to buying games on platforms like Steam (especially during Steam sales...), the internet is actually brimming with a vast array of completely free video games. It's true!

Not every free game is of high quality. Often, these games are developed by a single person, perhaps as a way to learn a new programming language. As a result, many free games might not meet the quality standards of commercial titles. Some of these games can be quite basic or, to put it bluntly, plain horrible. However, the effort behind them is commendable, especially considering that you aren't spending a dollar (or euro, or pound, or... whatever) to play them.

In addition to freeware games, there are also free-to-play video games. These can be downloaded and played immediately but often include optional content that you can purchase. There is a subtle difference between completely free games and free-to-play games. Freeware games are entirely free, with no hidden costs, while free-to-play games might tempt you with in-game purchases for additional content or enhancements. You can learn more about freeware games on Free Games Utopia, an affiliate of Abandonware DOS.

Finally, it's important to note that freeware doesn't mean you have complete freedom to do anything with the game. Some freeware games come with specific restrictions, such as prohibitions on redistribution without the owner's permission. Always check the terms associated with a freeware game to understand your rights and limitations.

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