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Blades of Exile

Blades of Exile is a classic role-playing video game developed by Spiderweb Software. It's the third installment in the "Exile" series. The game was released in 1997 for Mac OS, and later for Windows in 1998.
In Blades of Exile, players control a party of adventurers who explore the underground world of Exile/Avernum, a vast network of caves and dungeons filled with various creatures. The game features an open-ended gameplay style where players can explore the world at their own pace.
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Blades of Exile review

All Game Guide (1998): "The tips and hints have also become more informative and complete with each new game. Some of them are more tongue-in-cheek than informative, but for those who might not have played these games before, they can be both invaluable and lifesaving. Make sure to search everywhere (click the "eye" button and then click on a container to search it). Sometimes, very interesting things are hidden in the most unlikely places. If you've ever wanted to design your own adventure scenario, or wanted to design an adventure module for your friends, this game might be what you've been looking for."

Additional info about Blades of Exile

Status: freeware
Input: keyboard, mouse
Distributed on: cd-rom, download
Abandonware DOS views: 2692
Series: Blades of Exile is part of the Spiderweb Exile series.


  • Loafbone 15/07/2022 11:30
    This was probably the first RPG I ever played. I used to design custom scenarios with my brothers. While I think the Avernum and Geneforge series are much better overall, this one will always be remembered fondly.

    Also, it's neat that Jeff is STILL making games to this day. The guy's a legend.
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