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Captain Comic, The Adventures of

Captain Comic, The Adventures of is a free action-adventure game designed by Michael A. Denio, , released in 1988. Captain Comic, The Adventures of runs on DOS. Captain Comic, The Adventures of is part of the Captain Comic game series.
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Main executable game file: comic.exe.

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Captain Comic, The Adventures of review

PC Review - Issue 8 (1992-06): "You are Captain Comic, galactic hero. Your mission is to recover three treasures from the planet Omsoc, which have been stolen away and hidden somewhere on the remote planet of Tambi. Your task will not be easy, you will need to gather tools to increase your fighting and defensive capability, navigate dangerous terrain, and avoid or destroy a hoard of deadly creatures. It will take all of the Captain's skill and wit to see the treasures returned to Omsoc. The Captain Comic character displayed on the screen is controlled from the keyboard using the cursor control keys. The Space Bar makes him jump and, once he has collected his first can of BLASTOLA COLA the insert key makes him fire. When COMIC has possession of the DOOR KEY, this key in used to open doors. To open a door and pass through, position COMIC in front of the door and press Alt. The door will slide open and COMIC will disappear, finding himself elsewhere. When COMIC has possession of the WAND, this key is used to teleport to another place on the screen, Press Caps Lock and COMIC disappears in a cloud of smoke, and re-appears in a new place on the screen. The teleportation in not random, and when used properly, can allow COMIC to reach places on the screen that are normally inaccessible. COMIC starts the game with 5 lives, and no objects in his inventory. The game will end after COMIC retrieves all three treasures or when all spare lives are exhausted. The treasures include rare gems, a sack of rare coins and a jeweled crown."

Additional info about Captain Comic, The Adventures of

Arrows: movement. X: jump.
Status: freeware
Abandonware DOS views: 11666
Series: Captain Comic, The Adventures of is part of the Captain Comic series.


  • AbandonwareDOS 19/03/2019 17:41
    @LAETI: press X to jump. I just added a few info about movement and jump.
  • LAETI 11/03/2019 20:36
    Hello, I love this game as it reminds me my childhood! I've tried to play it on your website but I can't make Captain Comic jump how fo you do that?
    Thanks a lot for your answer
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