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Castle Adventure

Castle Adventure is a free action-adventure game designed by Kevin Bales, , released in 1984. Castle Adventure runs on DOS.
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Main executable game file: castadve/Castle.exe.

DOS games can't run on Windows. You need a DOS emulator like DOSbox or D-Fend Reloaded. Follow these instructions to play DOS games on Windows 10 or later systems.

Retro gamer collector's corner:

Castle Adventure was also illegally included in Keypunch's Swords and Sorcery under the title Golden Wombat.

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Additional info about Castle Adventure

Status: freeware
Input: keyboard
Abandonware DOS views: 5650


  • Restless Artist 06/06/2023 08:02
    39 years later, this IT girl who rarely plays video games (poor hand-eye coordination) still remembers playing this game like it was yesterday. I am so glad to have found this site to remember its name, which has haunted me for years! Now to just find a way to play it again, even if I have to code it myself....
  • Graham F. 24/10/2021 04:11
    When I was a kid, I discovered that you could edit the gates away and just walk out of the castle.

    That was....33 years ago.
  • Lynx 27/09/2021 18:57
    This game is amazing. Thanks for sharing. I love this site!
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