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Castlevania is an abandoned action-adventure game developed by Distinctive Software and released by Konami in 1990. Castlevania runs on DOS. Castlevania is part of the Castlevania game series.
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Main executable game file: castlev/CASTLE.EXE.

DOS games can't run on Windows. You need a DOS emulator like DOSbox or D-Fend Reloaded. Follow these instructions to play DOS games on Windows 10 or later systems.


Additional info about Castlevania

Arrows: move. Enter: jump. Space: attack. Enter + up: fire special weapon.
Status: abandonware
Input: joystick, keyboard
Distributed on: 5,25 floppy disk
Abandonware DOS views: 19775
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  • FranTesla 02/06/2023 08:24
    Adding to the comments to get Adlib sound, exit the game in online emulators with Control + Q, so you can run again CASTLE ADL
    (ADL needs to be uppercase)
  • dieymir 27/07/2020 08:52
    Use command line argument 'ADL' to enable Adlib sounds. Ctrl+B toggles Background Music and Ctrl+E toggles Sound Effects.
  • Bjorn 11/07/2020 09:23
    You can get Adlib music to work in this game. It seems, by all the youtube videos I've seen, that most people don't know this.
    It doesn't surprise me, because I haven't found any "official" way to activate it. I suspect it might be a commandline switch, or perhaps you need to generate a config file of some kind... not sure.
    But there is an easy fix: just rename to AD.DRV file to PC.DRV (make a backup first of course). Voila. It certainly less excrutiating than PC speaker music.
    There does not seem to be any sound effects though, but that might just be a by-product of this kludge.

    Also, like so many rushed PC ports of the time, the interface and controls are a bit baffling. I've worked out so far that ctrl plus certain keys do things like save, quit and turn things like music and sound on and off. It took me a little while to find out how to fire the secondary weapon, but it's up+space. Seems to be a bit dicey though, but that may have to do with the dosbox settings I was using.
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