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Dune 2000

Dune 2000 is an abandoned science fiction classic real-time strategy game based on the popular Dune franchise. The Dune "universe" took form in the books of science fiction writer Frank Herbert and went on to include movies, TV series, comics, and of course video games. Dune 2000 is one of the finest RTS of its era; it was developed by Westwood Studios and released by Virgin Interactive for PC in 1998 and features both single player and multi player game modes.
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Windows XP/98/95
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Dune 2000 review

AllGame.com: "In many ways Dune 2000 is more of an update. The AI has been greatly improved, new units have been added, and the game flows better. Scenes to heighten and embellish the story include performances from live actors like John Rhys Davies and the in-game graphics have been updated and improved while the game should remain true to fans of the series and game genre. Where the game play does suffer is in the setting. Because the battle is on this Dune desert planet, all the missions seem quite similar. There are no rivers, no woods, just endless screens of tan-colored sand. But for fans of the original game, or those who like a real-time challenge, Dune 2000 is an instant classic."

GamePro.com: "Despite its lack of modern convention, Dune 2000 does have a number of things going for it. Its well-balanced selection of units includes the usual tanks, mobile artillery, and fast-moving machine-gun vehicles, as well as infantry-an oft-forgotten and inexpensive unit that packs quite a punch in large numbers. Computer controlled neutrals either help or hinder your progress during certain missions. The cut-scenes are numerous-one before each and every mission-and well done. Due to its seemingly old engine, Dune 2000 should have no difficulty running on older Pentium machines. Most importantly, the original feel of Dune 2 is there-the spice mining, the special units of each house, and the unit-eating sand worms bring you right back to the glory days. The updated graphics do a marvelous job of wrapping the old style in a beautifully designed body."

Additional info about Dune 2000

Status: abandonware
Input: keyboard, mouse
Distributed on: cd-rom
Also published for: PlayStation
Abandonware DOS views: 221868


  • mohammed fawzy 06/05/2021 14:58
    thank you so much , i was looking for this great old game for long time , and the hints for windows 7 was nice :-)
  • Brett 10/09/2020 18:15
    If you try playing on a 64-bit system (Windows 7 and beyond) use compatability mode. Set it to run as administrator and select windows 95 as the compatability platform.
  • Giles 23/05/2020 13:09
    Still play it regularly on my old XP computer. Best ever.
  • Socks 05/01/2020 06:51
    Tom Loman - Run the program in compatibility mode for windows 95/ME it worked fine on windows 10. :) good luck
  • GLADOS 04/07/2019 17:49
    The Purple dudes, are actually red, house Harkonnen. One of the best Realtime strategy games, Ahh good old dune 2k!!
  • 1981gamer 14/04/2019 22:54
    Dune 2000 is the best RTS ever made in my opinion. I can't believe EA didn't just update it and resell it. I could never get the disc to work on a win10x64 pc so once in awhile i look for other ways to get this game running instead of installing from a disc. Hoping someone will find this gem and make an x64 compatibility patch for it and maybe a 16:9 resolution update so it can run in 720p.
  • valibb 19/01/2019 18:19
    Starting and working very well in linux with wine
  • RandomDelta45 16/12/2018 12:47
    I got it to run on Win10, just selected Windows 95 compatibility mode and Screen resolution to 640x480. The menus were messed up, showing twice on top side of screen with colours messed. But once i navigated to campaign and started mission it fixed the graphics. And after completing the mission, menus worked. BUT everytime i alt+tab menus get messed again, until you go in mission.
  • Nchy 12/11/2018 15:53
    There's the Gruntmods edition which runs under Win10 very well. You're able to set it to run in a window, or at proper fullscreen resolutions.
  • jboy 18/10/2017 20:13
    There is a lot of scope for setting the difficulty of the game till it's just right for you. The actual game difficulty setting plus the number of opponent teams in the game. The sandworm acts as a balancer if you are getting too good, it will seek out and swallow some of your vehicles.
  • Daniel L J Hearn 04/09/2017 07:44
    Frank Herbert wrote the book Dune a very long time ago now (I feel so old) but it's timeless concept lives on today of a planetary struggle to overcome diversity, greed and maniac world leaders hell bent on world domination and destruction. This game captures the essence of the book well and focus is on the mining of a drug they call SPICE. It is the most valuable commodity in the DUNE universe and it powers their space navigators vision (They are no longer human) enabling space travel. Those exposed to the SPICE for long periods of time have solid blue eyes, and they even made a few movies and t.v series' about the DUNE universe. A must play game for all avid gamers and sci-fi fans.
  • Sam Gate 04/03/2017 13:01
    This is the best strategy game I've ever played. Please release a newer version.
  • Tom Loman 31/08/2016 19:05
    I played dune 2000 for many years and enjoyed it. I used the practice games to play 4 opponents at a time. Early on i was able to win with tricks and strategy the game was ignorant of, but as time went on the game adapted and reversed the tactics on me. A game would originally take about 30 minutes to develop and win. When i last played (a week ago) games took up to 3 hours to develop and win. I regret that i cannot play on windows 10. I wish an update with all the down loads could be obtained. I played each of the houses and liked them all. I would buy a newer playable version in a heartbeat. I tried to get in touch with Westwood Studios to no avail.
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