Abandonware DOS title

Classic Windows XP/98/95 games

At the conclusion of the DOS era, as personal computing evolved, the industry shifted towards embracing the latest offerings from Microsoft in terms of Operating Systems. This transition marked a significant milestone as PCs began to adopt Windows, with version 3.1 heralding a new era of computing. With its user-friendly interface and enhanced capabilities, Windows quickly gained traction, captivating the attention of both users and software developers alike.

The subsequent releases of Windows, notably Windows 95, 98, and Windows XP, marked significant milestones in the evolution of gaming on the PC platform. These iterations introduced groundbreaking features and optimizations that made gaming on Windows more immersive and accessible than ever before. Titles like Age of Empires and the Civilization series exemplified the newfound potential of gaming on Windows, captivating audiences worldwide with their engaging gameplay and stunning graphics.

However, with progress came challenges, and one of the most persistent issues was backward compatibility. As newer versions of Windows were introduced, ensuring compatibility with legacy games became increasingly complex. Attempting to run older games on modern Windows systems often proved to be a daunting task, fraught with technical hurdles and compatibility issues. In many cases, resorting to emulation software, such as MS-DOS emulators, became the preferred method for running DOS-based games on modern hardware.

For enthusiasts determined to experience the nostalgia of older Windows games on contemporary PCs, options were limited. The most reliable approach involved installing them directly on older versions of Windows or, for those with technical expertise, setting up and configuring a Virtual Machine environment. These methods offered a glimpse into the past, allowing players to revisit cherished classics and relive fond memories in a modern computing environment.


Age of Empires

strategy1997demo Ensemble Studios
Age of Empires, published by Microsoft and developed by Ensemble Studios, is one of the most popular historical RTS and started a successful series. The player must guide a civilization from prehistory to the iron age, battling other civilizations, building and gathering resources.

Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings

strategy1999demo Ensemble Studios

Atomic Bomberman

action1997 Interplay Productions

Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

adventure2009 Revolution Software

Capitalism 2

simulation2001 Ensemble Studios
Capitalism 2 is simulation game designed by Trevor Chan, developed by Ensemble Studios and released by UBI Soft in 2001 for Windows and Macintosh. Capitalism 2 is the quintessential capitalistic simulation and involves stock exchange, business management, marketing, etc.


racing1997 Stainless Games
Carmageddon was a controversial and violent vehicular combat / car racing game, where the player must compete against a number of computer controlled opponents. Running over pedestrians and damaging opponents cars grant time bonuses and credits to be spent for upgrades.

Civilization 2

strategy1996 MicroProse Software
Civilization II is a turn-based strategy game developed by MicroProse and released in 1996. It's the second installment in the "Civilization" series, created by Sid Meier. The game builds upon the concept of its predecessor, Civilization, and expands on its gameplay mechanics, graphics, and depth.In Civilization II, players take on the role of a leader of a civilization, guiding it from ancient times into the future. The goal is to build and expand an empire, develop cities, research technologies, engage in diplomacy, and conquer rival civilizations through military might or cultural influence.

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

strategy1998 Pyro Studios

Darius Gaiden

shooter1998 Taito

Dune 2000

strategy1998 Westwood Studios
Dune 2000 is an abandoned science fiction classic real-time strategy game based on the popular Dune franchise. The Dune "universe" took form in the books of science fiction writer Frank Herbert and went on to include movies, TV series, comics, and of course video games. Dune 2000 is one of the finest RTS of its era; it was developed by Westwood Studios and released by Virgin Interactive for PC in 1998 and features both single player and multi player game modes.

Empire Earth

strategy2001 Stainless Steel Studios
Empire Earth is a real-time strategy (RTS) game developed by Stainless Steel Studios and released by Sierra Entertainment in 2001. It's often compared to the "Age of Empires" series due to its similar gameplay mechanics and historical setting. However, "Empire Earth" stands out with its unique concept of spanning the entire history of mankind, from the prehistoric age to the nano age (a futuristic era).The gameplay involves gathering resources, constructing buildings, training armies, conducting research, and engaging in battles against enemy forces.

Grim Fandango

adventure1998demo LucasArts
Grim Fandango is an adventure game developed and published by LucasArts. It was released in 1998 and is known for its unique setting and distinctive art style. The game was directed by Tim Schafer, who also co-wrote the script.The story is set in the Land of the Dead and follows the protagonist, Manny Calavera, a travel agent working for the Department of Death. In this afterlife world inspired by Mexican folklore and film noir, souls must journey through the Land of the Dead to reach the Ninth Underworld, their final resting place. Manny, who was once a less-than-ideal salesman, becomes entangled in a conspiracy that spans the afterlife.

Interstate '76

racing1997 Activision
Interstate '76 is a vehicular combat video game developed and published by Activision. It was released in 1997 for Microsoft Windows. The game is set in an alternate history 1976, featuring a stylized 1970s atmosphere with a unique blend of vehicular combat and first-person shooter elements. Players assume the role of a vigilante named Groove Champion, who seeks justice for the murder of his sister.

Jagged Alliance 2

strategy1999 Sir-tech Software
Jagged Alliance 2 is a turn-based tactical role-playing strategy game developed by Sir-Tech and released in 1999 for Windows. It is the sequel to the original Jagged Alliance and has earned a reputation as one of the best games in the turn-based strategy genre.Set in the fictional country of Arulco, Jagged Alliance 2 presents players with the task of liberating Arulco from the oppressive rule of a dictator named Deidranna. The player takes on the role of a commander who must assemble a team of mercenaries, each with their unique skills and personalities, to overthrow the dictator and restore freedom to the country.

Magic: The Gathering

strategy1997 MicroProse Software
Magic: The Gathering (sometimes also referred as Shandalar) is an abandoned strategy game based on the popular collectible card game Magic: The Gathering, developed and released by MicroProse Software for Windows in 1997. MTG is set on the fictional plane of Shandalar. You can play a single-player campaign or simply play duels against computer opponents or against other players in one of the multi-player modes available.

Myth: The Fallen Lords

strategy1997 Bungie


action-adventure1999 Appeal


adventure1995demo Sierra On-Line
Phantasmagoria is a point-and-click horror adventure game developed and published by Sierra On-Line, released in 1995. Directed by Roberta Williams, Phantasmagoria departed from Sierra's usual fantasy and comedic themes to explore a darker, more mature narrative.The game follows the story of Adrienne Delaney, played by Victoria Morsell, and her husband, Don, as they move into a remote mansion previously owned by a deceased magician. As Adrienne explores the mansion, disturbing supernatural events begin to unfold, revealing a history of occult rituals and dark secrets tied to the mansion's previous occupants.


simulation1999 Impressions Games

Railroad Tycoon 2

simulation1998 Pop Software
Railroad Tycoon 2 is an abandoned train simulation game designed by Phil Steinmeyer, developed by Pop Software and released by Gathering of Developers for Windows, Linux and Mac in 1998. As the title suggests, Railroad Tycoon 2 is the sequel of the acclaimed train management simulation Railroad Tycoon designed by Sid Meier in 1990.

Road Rash

racing1996 Papyrus Design Group
Road Rash is an abandoned motorcycle racing game developed by Papyrus Design Group and released by Electronic Arts in 1996. Road Rash runs on Windows XP/98/95 but was also published for Amiga, Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, 3DO, Game Gear, PlayStation, Saturn, Game Boy. In Road Rash you're a motorcycle racer that needs to win against other racers by any means possibile, including violent ones. Road Rash was quite successful and was followed by a few sequels.

SimCity 2000

simulation1993 Maxis
SimCity 2000 is a classic city building simulation, part of the popular SimCity series, developed by Maxis and designed by Will Wright. SimCity 2000 is a huge step up from the 2D predecessor SimCity and boasts improvements like: isometric view, underground, water pipes, subways, new buildings like prisons, schools, libraries, museums, etc.

Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant

rpg1992 Sir-tech Software
Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark Savant is a first-person perspective party-based RPG developed and released by Sir-tech Software in 1992 for Windows, Linux and DOS. Wizardry 7 is the seventh chapter in the Wizardry series and it's part of the Dark Savant trilogy, set in a world where sci-fi themes (space travel, androids) are mixed with fantasy themes (weapons and armors, magic).

Zeus: Master of Olympus

simulation2000 Impressions Games