Abandonware DOS title

Windows abandonware games


Adventure Game Studio (AGS)

WindowsLinuxMac1997freeware3.9/5 application
Adventure Game Studio (AGS) is a software development tool that enables users to create point-and-click adventure games. It was originally created by Chris Jones and has been used by game developers to produce a variety of 2D adventure games. AGS provides a scripting language, a visual editor, and various other tools to simplify the game developmen...


WindowsLinux20094.1/5 rpg

Ascii Sector

WindowsLinuxDOS2007freeware3.8/5 simulation


Windows2013freewareremake3.9/5 action

Baldur's Gate III: The Black Hound

Windows2003canceled3.4/5 rpg
Baldur's Gate III: The Black Hound was an unreleased role-playing video game that was intended to be the sequel to the critically acclaimed Baldur's Gate series. It was initially announced by Black Isle Studios, a division of Interplay Entertainment, back in 2002. The Black Hound was being developed using the Infinity Engine, the same engine used i...

Baseball Mogul 2006

Windows20054.1/5 sports

D-Fend Reloaded

Windows XP/98/95Windows2008freeware4.2/5 application
D-Fend Reloaded it's one of the most user-friendly front ends for the popular DOS-BOX emulator. The installer download includes the latest versione of DOS-BOX and is available for free for Windows

DBGL: DOSBox Game Launcher

Windows2017freeware4.4/5 application
DBGL is a free and open-source frontend for DOSBox available for many platforms, developed in Java.


Windows2002freeware3.5/5 rpg

Divine Divinity

WindowsMac2002protected4/5 rpg
Divine Divinity is a role-playing game (RPG) developed by Larian Studios and released in 2002. It's the first game in the Divinity series, which has since expanded with several sequels and spin-offs. The game is set in a fantasy world called Rivellon, which is threatened by the rise of an evil force known as the Black Ring. Players take on the role...

Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded

Windows2011canceled4.1/5 shooter

Dungeon Keeper 3: War for the Overworld

Windows2000canceled4.1/5 strategy
Dungeon Keeper 3 was a cancelled dungeon management strategy game being developed by Bullfrog that was never released. Dungeon Keeper 3 was cancelled in 2000 and the Dungeon Keeper franchise ended without a third chapter.

Finders Keepers

Windows2007remake3/5 action
Finders Keepers is an abandoned free platformer game with a medieval setting. It's a remake of the original Finders Keepers, developed by David Jones and released by Mastertronic in 1985 for a number of 8 bit platforms (C64, ZX Spectrum, MSX, Amstrad CPC).

Ghosts 'n Goblins remake

Windows2004freewareremake4.1/5 action


WindowsLinuxMac2007freeware4/5 rpg

King's Quest III Redux: To Heir is Human

WindowsMac2011freewareremake3.7/5 adventure

Lemonade Tycoon

Windows XP/98/95Windows2002remakedemo4.4/5 simulation
Lemonade Tycoon is a business simulation game that allows players to run their own virtual lemonade stand and try to turn it into a successful and profitable business. The game typically involves setting prices, managing inventory, adjusting recipes, and dealing with factors like weather and customer satisfaction.The objective of Lemonade Tycoon is...

Lincity NG

WindowsLinuxMac2005freeware3.7/5 simulation
Lincity-NG is an open-source city simulation game and a continuation of the original Lincity game. The "NG" stands for "New Generation." The game is designed to be a city-building and management simulation where players take on the role of a city manager and must balance various factors such as population growth, resource management, environmental ...

Lyle in Cube Sector

Windows20064/5 action-adventure

Maniac Mansion Deluxe

Windows2004freewareremake3.8/5 adventure
Maniac Mansion Deluxe is the unofficial sequel to the acclaimed point & click adventure game released by LucasFilm in 1987. Maniac Mansion Deluxe it's a fan-made adventure developed by LucasFans Games and released in 2004 and it's a complete remake of Maniac Mansion in every aspect, developed using the Adventure Game Studio engine.


WindowsLinuxMac2007remake3.7/5 vehicle simulation


Windows2004remake3.4/5 action

Quake 2

Windows XP/98/95WindowsMac1997protecteddemo3.8/5 shooter
Quake II is a first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and released in 1997. It is the sequel to the original Quake and was a significant milestone in the evolution of 3D graphics in video games. Quake II maintained the fast-paced, frenetic gameplay of its predecessor. It is a first-person shooter that emphasizes multiplayer ac...

Sega Rally Championship

Windows XP/98/95Windows19953.3/5 racing

Skale Tracker

Windows XP/98/95LinuxWindows2005freeware3.7/5 application

Super Mario Fusion: Revival

Windows2011freewareremake4/5 action
Super Mario Fusion: Revival is a freeware fan-made game project that aims to combine elements from various classic video games, primarily the Super Mario series and the Sonic the Hedgehog series, into a single game. It's essentially a crossover fan game where players can experience levels and gameplay mechanics inspired by both franchises. The...

The Way of the Exploding Fist PC

Windows2008freewareremake4/5 action

UFO 2000

WindowsLinux2004freeware4.2/5 strategy

Warp Rogue

WindowsLinux2004freeware3.9/5 rpg


WindowsLinux20133.8/5 rpg