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Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master is a classic computer role-playing game (CRPG) developed by FTL Games and released in 1987. It's considered one of the pioneering titles in the dungeon crawler genre. In Dungeon Master, players navigate through a dungeon environment in a first-person perspective, controlling a party of up to four adventurers. The goal is to explore the dungeon depths, solve puzzles, defeat monsters, and ultimately confront the powerful wizard, Lord Chaos, at the bottom level. Unlike turn-based RPGs of the time, actions in Dungeon Master occurred in real-time, adding a sense of urgency and tension to gameplay.
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Dungeon Master review

PC Format (1992): "Dungeon Master may be great fun to play, but will never win any prizes in the sophistication stakes. But despite the lack of auto-mapping, the scratchy graphics and the dull sound effects, there's still plenty of enjoyment to be had, hacking, slashing and magicking your way to find the firestaff."

Retro gamer collector's corner:

Nancy Holder, wife of producer Wayne Holder, wrote the storyline in the manual (from a base scenario suggested by Michael Newton and the FTL team).

There exists a prototype for the Atari Lynx under the name Dungeon Slayers.

A soundtrack album, titled Dungeon Master: The Album, was released later. This album featured music composed by Darrell Harvey, Rex Baca, and Kip Martin.

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Additional info about Dungeon Master

Status: abandonware
Input: keyboard, mouse
Distributed on: 3,5 floppy disk, 5,25 floppy disk
Also published for: Atari ST, Amiga, Apple IIGS, SNES
Abandonware DOS views: 24988
Series: Dungeon Master is part of the Dungeon Master series.
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