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Dungeon Master, released in 1987 by FTL for Atari ST and later for Amiga and DOS, is a classic dungeon-crawling role-playing game (RPG) that holds a special place in the hearts of many nostalgic gamers. Dungeon Master is considered the father of first-person, 3D, grid-based dungeon crawlers.
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Dungeon Master review

Dungeon Master for DOS, released in 1987, is a classic dungeon-crawling role-playing game (RPG) that holds a special place in the hearts of many nostalgic gamers. While its innovative gameplay mechanics and immersive atmosphere were groundbreaking at the time, its flaws and limitations become more apparent when viewed through a contemporary lens.

One of the game's notable strengths is its real-time gameplay, which adds a sense of urgency and excitement to the dungeon exploration. Players control a party of four characters, each with unique abilities and strengths, navigating a labyrinthine environment filled with puzzles, traps, and vicious monsters. The complex puzzles and environmental interactions provide a satisfying challenge, requiring both strategic thinking and careful exploration.

Furthermore, Dungeon Master introduced an innovative magic system that relied on gesture-based spellcasting. By inputting specific sequences of mouse movements, players could cast various spells, adding an element of creativity and experimentation to combat encounters. The game's emphasis on resource management, as players need to carefully manage supplies, food, and light sources, adds an additional layer of depth to the gameplay.

A significant drawback is the lack of a compelling storyline. While Dungeon Master excels in providing a captivating atmosphere, the narrative itself is minimal, consisting mostly of scattered lore fragments found throughout the game. The lack of a coherent plot diminishes the sense of purpose and motivation, making it challenging to fully engage with the game world.

Lastly, the game's replay value is limited. Once players have completed the main dungeon, there is little incentive to revisit the game. The absence of branching paths, alternate endings, or meaningful character development reduces long-term engagement.

In conclusion, Dungeon Master for DOS is a game that holds a nostalgic appeal for those who experienced it during its heyday. Its real-time gameplay, challenging puzzles, and innovative magic system were groundbreaking at the time of release. While it remains an important milestone in the RPG genre's history, it is best appreciated as a nostalgic artifact rather than a compelling gaming experience in the present day.

Collector's corner:

Nancy Holder, wife of producer Wayne Holder, wrote the storyline in the manual (from a base scenario suggested by Michael Newton and the FTL team).

There exists a prototype for the Atari Lynx under the name Dungeon Slayers.

A soundtrack album, titled Dungeon Master: The Album, was released later. This album featured music composed by Darrell Harvey, Rex Baca, and Kip Martin.

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Additional info about Dungeon Master

Status: abandonware

Input: keyboard, mouse

Distributed on: 3,5 floppy disk, 5,25 floppy disk

Also published for: Atari ST, Amiga, Apple IIGS, SNES

Abandonware DOS views: 21890


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