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Fallout 2

Fallout 2 is rpg game set in the Wasteland universe designed by Chris Avellone, Matthew J. Norton, developed by Black Isle Studios and released by Interplay Productions in 1998. Fallout 2 runs on Windows XP/98/95. Fallout 2 is part of the Fallout game series.

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"This is without a doubt one of the greatest RPGS ever made. To put it simply, this game is truly a real RPG. I really loved this game because of the immense amount of freedom. You can be anything you want. You can be an assasin, thief, speaker, computer scientist, porn star, join a mob, slaver, boxer, policeman, ranger....etc. You get the point. You can be whatever the hell you want and do whatever the hell you feel fits you. Best of all, depending on what you do, you get different experiences and different doors are opened to you. Sometimes it's just plain good to be bad. This game is all about thinking. When is it good to fight or when is it good to run. I.e...the ENCLAVE. I've beaten this game about four times. This already tells you the amount of replayability this game has. The first time through I was a slaver and a total bad ass. The second time through, I was a hacker and a more charismatic fighter. The third time through, I was a hella good gambler and an excellent sniper. Well, Gambling is an excellent skill to supe up. Well, you get the point. Buy this game ASAP." - PC Game Review (2001)

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