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Hack is a free turn-based rpg game designed by Jay Fenlason, Andries Brouwer, Don Kneller, , released in 1984. Hack runs on DOS but was also published for Amiga, Atari ST, Mainframe, Sinclair QL.
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Main executable game file: HACK.EXE.

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Additional info about Hack

To move around: J down; K up; H left; L right.
Status: freeware
Input: keyboard
Also published for: Amiga, Atari ST, Mainframe, Sinclair QL
Abandonware DOS views: 21595


  • Sol 04/01/2022 06:35
    I haven't been able to play Hack since my last machine capable of playing any MS-DOS games left my Life. That was at least as far back as 1996. I played Hack from 1987 until then, on and off, as the various versions progressed and I had a computer available to play it. It is an extremely fun game, albeit with 40/80 graphics. That's 40 rows of standard alphanumeric characters tall, and 80 such characters wide. It has it's own sort of "Culture" within the Game itself. I praise the designers for the Game endures in the memories of Nerd Arcana Semi-Magi such as myself. I played every single type of character, and you have to. I don't want to give the show away, but it's important to play the Speleologist, the tourist, the Caveman, the Knight (that's Kenniggett for all you Monte Pythoners out there) the Fighter, and the Wizard. When your characters die, and they will most of them, their treasure piles are saved for subsequent players. Their ghosts are saved too. Make no mistake, your characters will be up to their eyeballs in Bantha-pudu. But You will have Hours and Hours and Hours of Hilarious Fun. There was another Game which is sort of a Graduate Level of Hack, called Omega. It helps A LOT to have played D&D but it is not crucial. I look forward to playing it again. And with the Utmost of Heartfelt Respect for The Games Designers I cry out like a voice in the misty, fading distance, "LONG LIVE THE MAKERS OF HACK, AND THE GAME ITSELF! HURRAH!"
  • Dave 26/01/2021 07:04
    Played this for hundreds of hours in 1984-1987. Loved it. Won once I think....something like level 18 or something. Teleport needed to get into rooms without doors or tunnels. Leprechaun very helpful if I remember correctly. Lots of armor, gems, etc. It goes on and on! It’s been soooo long ago.
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