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Icewind Dale

Interplay Productions developed the Windows fantasy rpg game Icewind Dale in 2000. Icewind Dale is currently NOT abandonware, runs on Windows and can be played in single player, multiplayer (LAN / local, Internet, Modem) modes. Icewind Dale is a licensed Dungeons & Dragons video game.

What they thought about it

"I'm so in love with this game. If you liked Baldur's Gate or Planescape: Torment, you'll love this game. If you're a fan of RPGs or strategy, or better, both, pick this title up, as well as the previous two I mentioned. I'm of the mindset that anything Black Isle makes is gold." - GameSpy (2001)

"I, being a veteran of both Baldur's Gate titles, am relatively pleased with this game. After all, Icewind Dale is modeled after Baldur's Gate and uses the same engine(an engine worthy of praise, I would think). Beware, however, for something has changed since Baldur's Gate....the story. This game is much more like Diablo in that you will spend the majority of your time parading through dungeons and vanquishing monsters of a wide variety. For this, there must be a sacrifice. Icewind Dale is not centered around story(oh, the horror!). No, I think you bards out there who enjoy a good novel of a game are going to go a bit hungry when wading through the tides of undead minions this game presents you with. I like the story....but not as much as the story in Shadows of Amn(Baldur's Gate 2). Then again, no game should revolve around story alone. And this one certainly doesn't, as I will soon describe." - PC Game Reviews (2001)

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Player modes: single player, multiplayer (LAN / local, Internet, Modem)

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