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Ragnarok (also known as Valhalla) is a free turn-based rpg game designed by Thomas Boyd, Robert Vawter, developed by Gray Design Associates and released by Gray Design Associates in 1993. Ragnarok runs on DOS.
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Additional info about Ragnarok

Also known as: Valhalla
Status: freeware
Input: keyboard, mouse
Distributed on: 3,5 floppy disk, cd-rom
Abandonware DOS views: 13529


  • Andre 13/12/2020 05:59
    An excellent and hard to win game. Played it 30 years ago. Trick was to make a character, run out, collect stuff, get killed, make new character, go collect the stuff you dropped but you gotta outrun death, keep doing this until you get ring of wishes, several of them. Used right you end up with 20 fingers with rings on each, and the body of a hydra (whatever it was) which gave you aoe exploding ability around you. Keep grinding until all your rings are making you godlike powerful, cross the rainbow bridge, save the Aesir gods that you can, dont let Jorgmunand kill you. Not so easy when he is hitting for 70k to 180k.
  • Olde player 16/04/2016 09:35
    Awesomeeeeee! One of the best games ever! Basic graphics and sound but truly one of the most complex, creative and challenging games you will ever play ; There is a whole book of game mechanicals you have to learn by experience and (don't ever forget this) taking note of every advice of the Odin crows and every diary note of the fallen heroes. This game is a jewel! Thanks for upload this rare treasure!
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