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Sid Meier's SimGolf

Sid Meier's SimGolf is a golf simulation developed by Firaxis Games in 2002, different from other golf games. In SimGolf, the player is tasked with running a golf course, designing holes, taking care of golfers and even playing. It's an underrated game that deserves a place among the best of its genre.
Sid Meier's SimGolf screenshot
sim-golf-01.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
sim-golf-02.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
sim-golf-03.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
sim-golf-04.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
sim-golf-07.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
sim-golf-08.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
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Sid Meier's SimGolf downloads

Trouble running this game? Check out the F.A.Q.

For Windows 10 users: go to the installation directory, right click on "golf.exe", click on "properties", go to the "compatibility" tab and enable the compatibility mode for Windows XP.

Games developed for older versions of Windows may not run on recent systems. You will probably need a Virtual Machine to run the game.

Additional info

Input: keyboard, mouse

Distributed on: cd-rom

Abandonware DOS views: 79606


  • GameLover - 20/10/2020 18:08
    Thank you so much! I bought the CD many years ago but lost the CD cover with the key codes. Thank you again! Love this golf game during Covid time.
  • James - 24/09/2020 16:42
    Tried on Parallels for Mac with Windows 10. Just extract the contents, then go to the golf.exe and change the compatibility settings to Windows XP and voilá. The screen size is a bit small, but is 100 playable!
  • Werner - 23/09/2020 13:24
    Thanks Johnny L, worked for me. I went the the application folder where its installed and just went to properties. Set compatibility to XP. Great!
  • Ben - 20/09/2020 19:08
    i need the "code found in the white box in the CD case"
  • Nolan - 15/08/2020 00:13
    Anyone have a step by step way to get this working on Windows 10? I'm a noob, but loved this game way back.
  • David - 06/08/2020 19:18
    I love this game, thanks for all the tips especially Neddo! Works perfectly for me!
  • Abdreas - 13/07/2020 20:44
    Guys just get a Windows 98 CD and create a VM using VMware Player or Virtual Box. Both are free
  • Ryan - 15/06/2020 06:38
    So close - almost worse than completely failing :)

    I followed the instructions and the game appears to launch. I get a black screen, then a logo appears that seems to have CLS letters with the word Class (R) below it. I can hear the SimGolf music playing, but it never advances past this logo screen.

    Anyone else experienced this? Am trying to run it on a Mac using Crossover with a Windows 10 environment (have tried with Windows XP SP2 and Windows 98 as well, no joy.
  • Jack Harper - 31/05/2020 22:35
    My first comment on this thread was 3 years ago lol I eventually found a different download that worked beautifully. fast forward now different pc different system and i cant follow these instructions correctly to get the game past play. trying virtual box now but any tips would be great thanks
  • Jack Harper - 31/05/2020 06:46
    Update lol. Ive gotten the menu to pop up through autorun but nothing happens after play. tried all compatibility and run as admin ty for any help
  • SimSauer - 19/05/2020 01:57
    This is amazing except for the fact that I cannot load a save without the game going unresponsive! It makes all the effort I put in worthless. Can anyone help??

    Also, it freezes when upon leaving the game when the credits roll and I hit Enter or Escape to finally get out, not a big deal but maybe there's a way to beat that.
  • DM - 03/05/2020 09:22
    Thank You!!! I've been wanting to play this again for years. Works perfect for me so far.
  • Dolf - 17/04/2020 05:56
    Found a Fix for Full screen, If you have a dual monitor setup just place the monitors over the other instead of side by side. BINGO!
  • Cameron Stone - 25/03/2020 23:33
    I can get to the choose course screen and I can't get past it. Hugely disappointing as I loved this game as a kid. Did anyone else have this issue?
  • JoeSki73 - 20/03/2020 14:31
    Max, make sure you copy/paste the golf.exe file from the .ZIP folder, not any other folder. I've just installed and it's running on Windows 10, but it only displays in a small box on my screen (does not fill the screen). If anyone has a fix for this, please share!
  • Max - 07/03/2020 15:37
    I cannot get this to work on windows 10. I have followed Neddo's instructions, but when I start the 'golf.exe' it looks like it's about to start the game. Screen goes black. And it makes a sound twice as if it's about to start the startup intro, but then fails and crashes. Any ideas or help would be much appreciated.
  • Matt - 07/03/2020 02:07
    Anybody know how to change the resolution? Absolutely loving being able to play this game again, my original CD wasn't able to install it anymore so I am glad I found it here. Neddo had the fix that worked for me, you are the best!
  • Field of Corn - 02/02/2020 00:51
    Neddo, I've been trying to get this to work on Windows 10 for YEARS. YOU THE MAN!!
  • JH - 02/09/2019 23:40
    Hey Gamers!
    Having trouble in step one of the process of getting this to work on Windows 10. When I go to open the .zip folder, the error message "Unexpected end of archive" appears. I can repair the .zip with WinRAR, but after doing so and extracting the sim golf folder, there is no golf.exe or the NoCD Crack golf.exe. Has anyone else run into this issue?
  • Keir Anderson - 15/07/2019 21:57
    Thanks Neddo. This 100 works for Windows 10
  • greff - 11/06/2019 08:35
    how do you change the change compatibility options for the new golf.ex?
  • Neddo - 22/03/2019 16:26
    Thanks to all the advice above, here's how I got it working:
    1. download sim_golf.zip above
    2. extract files
    3. extract SIMGOLF.102.ENG.MYTH.NOCD
    4. copy golf.exe from that zip into the main 'Sid Meier's SimGolf' folder, overwriting the original golf.exe
    5. change compatibility options for the new golf.exe to Windows XP (Service Pack 2) and tick 'Run this program as administrator'
    6. open 'setup.bat'
    7. open 'golf.exe'
    All seems okay except two issues: the game crashes when quitting, and I get briefly stuck at a low resolution. I also want to run it in windowed mode as it is stretched on a widescreen monitor, but can't get it to work. Anyone who has achieved that, please shout.
  • Jordan - 02/03/2019 05:40
    Hi, Is there anyone that could post a step by step download guide?
  • trevor - 23/02/2019 03:01
    i love this game! loved playing it as a kid, and love playing now! I saw a youtuber named KILLROB play, and it brought back memories. so here I am! thanks for this everyone!
  • Roadie - 22/02/2019 15:51
    Thanks, Aaron(and everyone else). The game works after the NOCD patch (included in download) was unzipped to the correct folder and the sound works after unzipping the sounds from the "unpack" file.
  • Johnny L - 22/02/2019 08:52
    You may need to enable compatibility settings for this game to work properly on Windows 10. Go to the installation directory, and click "golf.exe", then left click and click properties, under properties go to the compatibility tab and select Windows XP.
  • Aaron Gorton - 15/02/2019 20:07
  • ABCGS - 30/12/2018 13:39
    I missed this game so much that I was searching for this game for 2 or more years.Last time it worked,didn't know it will work this time.
  • Snowylodge - 15/10/2018 02:14
    I followed fj's instructions and was able to play. No sound for me as well. Great to get to play this gem again, but the nostalgia bug would be cured a bit more with the funny sounds in this game. Hopefully someone has figured this out and will be kind enough to post their fix.
  • Pelle - 10/10/2018 00:52
    Where are the sounds? Anyone know of a fix? Its such a great game, sad to not hear a thing
  • fj - 19/09/2018 15:03
    nah, not working on win10 - keeps crashing inside the game

    running winxp on virtualbox will likely work though

    to have sound, doubleclick on setup.bat
  • fj - 18/09/2018 02:38
    managed to get it working on win10

    . replace golf.exe with the golf.exe from the 102-nocd zip
    . compatbility mode: win7
    . optional: run as admin (when i don't do this, after the ending credits when exiting, my screen resolution remains at 640x480)

    i'm unable to get 1.03 working on win10 (doesn't open)
  • Smokinglirarn - 01/08/2018 17:06
    i got the everything working fine but the sound is just missing.
  • Billy_McSkintos - 22/06/2018 19:28
    SimGolf Patch 1.03 Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s6dyfq1hqszi3y7/simgolf103.zip?dl1
  • Art - 01/01/2018 02:41
    First, GREAT game. I played this when it first came out for literally 100s of hours. I missed it so much I sought it out and am thrilled to find it. For those having problems, try running the game out of Windows "Troubleshoot compatibility" mode. Tell the computer it used to run on Windows 7 and Windows will use those settings. I have zero problem running it on Windows 10 through Windows 7 compatibility.
  • AbandonwareDOS - 14/11/2017 19:20
    @eric Hi Eric! I found this article about setting up a virtual machine really helpful: https://www.howtogeek.com/196060/beginner-geek-how-to-create-and-use-virtual-machines/
  • eric - 13/11/2017 22:53
    Ive had problems downloading this with windows 8. I downloaded the requested virtual machine as well and still cant seem to figure it out. is there a step by step process for making this game and the virtual machine work together? thanks!
  • Luc T. - 09/11/2017 21:01
    This game is amazing and should be played by those who loves to control every aspect of a game. Unfortunately you can't play this gem on Windows 10 because EA thinks it's not worthy of uploading to Origin or even making a simple patch for this game. It's amazing to me that they will do this for a game like this but who cares, battlefront 2 is coming out so they give a rats ass.
  • Tom - 15/10/2017 14:00
    Doesn't work on Win 10 due to DRM incompatibility with the software. Use an XP virtual machine.
  • Jack Harper - 13/09/2017 05:05
    Downloads fine, click play on the first menu and nothing happens, changed compatibility/ran as administrator. changed every setting possible.
    anyone else?
  • Gary Golf - 29/07/2017 22:29
    This game is one that needs a reboot for Windows 7/8.1/10 and beyond! This is a classic game that can be addicting and provides hours of endless fun. The only way it would be better is if the patches (V1.01 thru V1.03) were readily available and the game didn't crash after trying to start a 500K tournament.
  • Colin - 01/07/2017 10:58
    I love golf!
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