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Slash'Em (also known as Super Lotsa Added Stuff Hack - Extended Magic) is a free rpg game designed by Warren Cheung, , released in 1997. Slash'Em runs on Windows XP/98/95, Linux but was also published for BSD, UNIX, Mac OS. Slash'Em is part of the NetHack game series.

Slash'Em screenshot
slashem-vampire-02.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
slashem-vampire-04.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
slashem-vampire-05.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
slashem-vampire-06.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
slashem-vampire-07.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
slashem-vampire-08.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
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Additional info about Slash'Em

Also known as: Super Lotsa Added Stuff Hack - Extended Magic

Input: keyboard, mouse

Also published for: BSD, UNIX, Mac OS

Abandonware DOS views: 7019


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