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Star Control 2

Star Control 2 is strategy game designed by Fred Ford, Paul Reiche III, developed by Toys for Bob and released by Accolade in 1992. Star Control 2 runs on DOS. Star Control 2 is part of the Star control game series.

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Game modes:
single-player, PvP (player VS player)
NOT abandonware
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Input: joystick, keyboard

Distributed on: 3,5 floppy disk, 5,25 floppy disk, cd-rom

Abandonware DOS views: 22618


  • GamerNerd - 23/10/2021 01:26
    What he said. Still one of the best games ever made and still amazing today. Super open world. Any version is good. But the music on the 3do is a trip.
  • Schnuron - 19/02/2017 16:01
    It's my favorite science fiction game. I dig the characters, the dialogue of the characters, the electronic music, the planets and the story of this game. Paul and Fred made a great job working on this game. If you're into science fiction, exploring some planets on space and meeting some aliens to help your objective, give it a try.

    I love it.
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