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The Elder Scrolls: Arena

The Elder Scrolls: Arena is the first installment in the highly acclaimed Elder Scrolls series of fantasy ARPG (action role-playing games), developed and published by Bethesda Softworks. It was initially released in 1994. Arena is set in the continent of Tamriel, which later becomes the central location for all the Elder Scrolls games (Skyrim, Morrowind, etc.).
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The Elder Scrolls: Arena review

The Elder Scrolls: Arena hallmark is its expansive, procedurally generated open world. In a time when most RPGs were text-based or had limited, static environments, Arena dared to let players explore the vast and diverse continent of Tamriel. Each province feels unique, with distinct cities, dungeons, and landscapes to explore.

Character customization is another standout feature. Players can craft their hero, choosing from various races, classes, and attributes, making each playthrough a unique experience. Whether you want to be a spell-slinging mage, a stealthy thief, or a noble knight, Arena accommodates your playstyle.

While the plot is relatively simple - rescue the imprisoned Emperor Uriel Septim VII by collecting the scattered pieces of the Staff of Chaos - it serves as an engaging backdrop for exploration. Quests are richly woven into the lore of Tamriel, and the thrill of discovering a hidden dungeon or unearthing a powerful artifact never gets old.

However, the dated graphics and user interface can be challenging to newcomers, and the absence of a map within dungeons can lead to disorientation. Combat, though revolutionary for its time, may feel clunky to modern players.

Collector's corner:

In 1994, Arena "Deluxe edition" was released in a box containing:

  • the CD-ROM
  • a mousepad with the map of Tamriel printed on it
  • the hint book "Codex Scientia"

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Status: freeware

Input: keyboard, mouse

Distributed on: 3,5 floppy disk, cd-rom, download

Abandonware DOS views: 26865


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