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Unreal Gold

Unreal Gold is a first-person shooter (FPS) video game developed by Epic MegaGames and published by GT Interactive. It was originally released in 1998 for Windows. Unreal Gold is an enhanced edition of the original Unreal game, and it includes the base game along with its expansion pack.
The game is set on a distant planet called Na Pali, and players take on the role of a prisoner, who must escape from an alien world.
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unreal-gold-03.jpg - Windows XP/98/95
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Unreal Gold review

Computer and Video Games (1998): "Unreal is the most impressive game I've seen for a long time. Every single graphics effect invented so far has been used to create one of the most absorbing game environments ever. The levels are excellent, with awesome architecture and brilliant use of lighting, plus the atmospheric sound effects work really well too. But Unreal certainly isn't without its faults - the physics of the game aren't quite right, and some of the fiddly little jumps you're required to do can be very annoying as you bounce off walls and drop off ledges. The enemies aren't as varied as we'd hoped, and you'll be fighting practically the same bunch on the last levels as you were at the start of the game. At times they can be remarkably stupid too, though most of the time they act in a fairly lifelike way. If you've got the power to run Unreal, you've got to have the game - it's as simple as that. And before you ask... no, it's not as good as Quake 2."

Retro gamer collector's corner:

Two novels titled Hard Crash and Prophet's Power were published, expanding on the premise and story first introduced in Unreal.

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Additional info about Unreal Gold

Status: abandonware
Input: mouse, keyboard
Distributed on: cd-rom, download
Abandonware DOS views: 2403
Awards won by Unreal Gold:


  • AbandonwareDOS 21/11/2023 19:55
    @Nunya and @StrobaCat, Unreal Gold is coming...
  • Nunya 21/11/2023 04:23
    Unreal is abandonware! This should be listed here to download FOR FREE. You would do well to add it, it will certainly help bring more people to this site - which would help pay for upkeep on the site, too.
  • StrobaCat 19/09/2023 07:41
    Please update this page, the game is now ABANDONWARE since epic games decided to kill the unreal series for real this time.
  • Betty the Bat 06/07/2023 20:16
    How it's not abandomware? They delisted all old games. You cannot even buy this on GOG anymore as well. Steam as well. Epic decided to kill these games.
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