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X-COM: Ufo Defense

UFO: Enemy Unknown (or X-COM: Ufo Defense) is a sci-fi tactical strategy game created by Julian Gollop set in a not-to-distant future where aliens are invading the Earth. The gameplay switches between tactical combat, where you fight aliens in a turn-based fashion, and strategic micromanagement, where you manage your X-COM base and personnel.
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X-COM: Ufo Defense review

IGN: "IGN selected X-COM as the Top Game of All Time. At first glance that appeared an odd choice. I was a little taken aback that something flashier or more popular wasn't chosen. But I didn't necessarily disagree. "Yeah, X-COM was pretty damn good," I thought. But after spending the last three weeks rediscovering the maddeningly addictive nature of X-COM, I have to shrug and nod. Yep, I'd say this the best game ever."

PC Gamer: "The gameplay is great. Custom characters, great storyline, and simple combat make it absorbing. Graphics and sound are simple fare. It's not for those who want to be wowed by imagery. Well worth buying: what it lacks in flash, it makes up for in playability." 

Retro gamer collector's corner:

In 2005, a spiritual successor with an unrelated plotline to X-COM was released for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance titled Rebelstar: Tactical Command and developed by the Gollop brothers.

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Additional info about X-COM: Ufo Defense

Also known as: Ufo: Enemy Unknown
Status: NOT abandonware
Input: keyboard, mouse
Distributed on: 3,5 floppy disk, cd-rom
Also published for: Amiga, Amiga CD32, PlayStation
Abandonware DOS views: 46175
Series: X-COM: Ufo Defense is part of the X-COM series.
Awards won by X-COM: Ufo Defense:


  • ooze 18/08/2019 16:19
    The best game ever. I fondly remember childhood late night hours sitting up and trying to beat this game for the first time. Thrilling and exciting even now after 25 years it is still very enjoyable and repayable. It's in my top list of games of all time.
  • USMM_Chris 29/11/2017 14:55
    Though it is aged, it's a damned good game, very challenging and perfect for those that want a turn based wargame but also want the "management" aspect. Between recruiting new troops to buying bullets for your team's weapons, this game has something for most.

    My only dislike of it is that it's not too forgiving and that it will work to kill you every chance it gets. I don't mean how when you first start up a plasma pistol's shot kills your soldiers 99 of the time, but in how the game makes you work for your victories.

    Someone said the interface is dated, and I do have to agree with that. Compared to today's games, it's clunky as hell. But overall it did the job back then, and once you get the hang of it, it still does the job - though it does get annoying to have to click the mouse three or four times when today the same actions are accomplished with a single click.
  • drth_vdr 12/01/2016 07:35
    Arguably the best game ever!!!
  • red 15/01/2015 15:15
    This game is amazing. 100/100 stars. The turn-based combat can get monotonous, when your chasing that one last enemy around for 10+ minutes, but if the combat was not turn-based it would seriously take away from the fun of this game. Everyone should archive this game for their own personal library.
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