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The best platform games

Platform games, also known as platformers, are a genre of video games characterized by gameplay focused on navigating a protagonist through a series of platforms and obstacles within a 2D or 3D environment. The main objective in platform games is to progress through levels, often reaching the end or completing specific objectives.

In platform games, players typically control a character who possesses the ability to jump or perform other acrobatic moves. These movements allow the character to traverse platforms, avoid obstacles, and defeat enemies or overcome challenges.

The genre originated in the early days of video gaming, with iconic titles like "Super Mario Bros" and "Donkey Kong" shaping the foundation of platformers. The success of these games led to the growth and diversification of the genre, resulting in a wide range of platform games with unique gameplay mechanics, art styles, and level designs.

Most popular platform applications

Mega Man X4
shooterWindows XP/98/95
The Lion King

Platform applications

  • jazz-jackrabbit-holiday-hare-06
    DOS1994protected3.9/5 Epic MegaGames
  • sleepwalker-03
    DOS1993protected3.9/5 CTA Developments
  • stormlord-02
    DOS19893.9/5 Hewson Consultants

    Stormlord is an abandoned DOS platform game set in a fantasy world, developed and published by Hewson Consultants in 1989 and designed by Raffaele Cecco. There was some controversy about the scantily clothed fairies in the game.

  • coolcroc-2
    DOS19923.9/5 Arcade Masters
  • zool-3
    DOS19923.9/5 Gremlin Graphics / Gremlin Interactive

    Zool was to Amiga what Sonic was for Sega consoles: a cool protagonist (a ninja of the Nth dimension!) for a high adrenaline action platformer. Zool was designed by George Allen and published by Gremlin in 1992 and it was an instant success. It was ported for many platforms, DOS included, and followed by Zool 2 in 1993.

  • xargon-sh-03
    DOS1993freeware3.9/5 Epic MegaGames
  • secretagent-6
    DOS1992protected3.9/5 Apogee Software
  • aldosadventure-1
    DOS1987remake3.8/5 Yahoo Software
  • indy3action-3
    DOS19893.8/5 Tiertex Design Studios
  • aldo2-03
  • night-hunter-06
    DOS19883.8/5 UBI Soft
  • bluesbrothers2-1
    DOS19933.8/5 Titus Interactive
  • megaman-1
    DOS19903.8/5 Capcom
  • castle-malvado-02
  • pacintime-splash
    DOS19933.8/5 Kalisto Entertainment

    Pac-in-Time is an abandoned action side-scrolling platformer game developed by Kalisto Entertainment and released by Mindscape in 1993 for DOS. Pac-in-time was but also published for other platforms such as Amiga, Game Boy, Mac, SNES. Pac-in-Time is essentially Fury of the Furries reskinned with Pac-Man as the main character.

  • dark-castle-05
    DOS19873.8/5 Silicon Beach Software
  • lone-wolf-mirror-04
    DOS19913.8/5 Mr. Micro
  • satan-02
    DOS19893.8/5 Dinamic Multimedia
  • seymour-hollywood-02
    DOS19933.8/5 The Big Red Software Company
  • vynil-goddess-mars-06
    DOS19953.8/5 Six Pound Sledge Studios
  • magiclanddizzy-2
    DOS19933.8/5 Codemasters
  • Krustys_Super_Funhouse-07
    DOS19933.8/5 Audiogenic

    Krusty's Super Funhouse is an abandoned action game developed by Audiogenic and released by Acclaim Entertainment in 1993 for DOS and for many other platforms, both consoles and home computers. Krusty's Super Funhouse is based on the popular character from The Simpson animated TV series.

  • horrorzombies-5
    DOS19903.8/5 Astral Software
  • luigi-spaghetti-01
    DOS19923.8/5 Topo Soft
  • zool2-2
    DOS19943.7/5 Gremlin Graphics / Gremlin Interactive
  • jazzjackrabbit-7
    DOS1994protected3.7/5 Epic MegaGames
  • belowroot-1
    DOS19843.7/5 Dale Disharoon, Inc.

    Below the root is an atipycal early 2 dimensional adventure game based on the Zilpha Keatley Snyder novels: the Green Sky Trilogy. The player can choose one of many characters, each with different skills and embark in a quest to eliminate the distrust between two races: the Erdling and the Kindar.

  • jet-set-willy-remake-02
  • last-mission-opera-02
    DOS19873.7/5 Opera Soft
  • mcdonald-land-06
    DOS19923.7/5 Visual Concepts Entertainment